Pingjiang Shaoyang School: Create a green home, fly the dream of adorable children

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Yueyang Evening News all media news (correspondent He Wanxing) “Green mountains, clear water, pure blue sky, is the responsibility of The Times to us.We must join hands to create a beautiful home!”This is pingjiang Shaoyang school speech competition scene of a young contestant to all teachers and students to promote environmental protection.In order to increase environmental protection publicity, improve environmental protection awareness.On April 1st, a speech contest with the theme of “Green homeland in my heart” was staged in the multimedia classroom of our school. Nine contestants from grade one to grade six participated in the contest. They were all excellent contestants carefully selected by each class.The scene of the speech was brilliant.The young contestants stuck to the theme and gave exciting speeches.The nine contestants expressed their deep understanding of ecological environment protection from different perspectives, and expressed their aspirations to devote themselves to environmental protection and building a better home. Their wonderful visual feast won the applause of teachers and students from time to time.After two hours of fierce competition, Zhao Zihan from Class 5 (1), Zhong Xiaoling from Grade 3 and Yan Ling from Grade 2 respectively won the first prize of grade group, and the other contestants won the award of excellence.At the end of the activity, Class 5 (2) zhao Xiaojing excitedly said to the author: “Today’s speech let me get a lot of environmental protection knowledge, this activity is more meaningful.”The speech contest is shaoyang school to “green home” as the theme of one of the activities.This issue, the school also through the national flag speech, theme class meeting, bulletin board, hand-copied newspaper and other forms to strengthen the publicity of environmental protection knowledge.At the end of the activity, the children all said that they would join in the protection of the environment, strive to be the propagandists, advocates and practitioners of the ecological environment, create a strong environmental atmosphere in the community, and work together to create a beautiful home.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original