22 cities ushered in the concentrated land shooting period land shooting rules to further optimize

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China Consumer News reported (reporter Sun Wei) Since 2022, the real estate market environment has been improving, and the land market has ushered in a period of concentrated supply.At present, among the 22 key cities involved in the “two centralized” land supply, 10 such as Beijing and Shanghai have announced the first batch of centralized land supply, Ningbo and Wuxi have started the “pre-application” mode for the first batch of land supply, and Four cities, Beijing, Fuzhou, Hefei and Qingdao, have completed the first batch of land transfer.According to the first batch of land supply, the pace of residential land supply is earlier than that of the first batch last year. The number of high-quality land is increasing, the rules of land auction are further optimized, and the proportion of affordable rental housing is lowered, so as to promote the enthusiasm of housing enterprises to take land.Compared with last year, the first batch of land supply is significantly ahead of schedule.At present, 10 of the 22 key cities have announced the first batch of centralized land supply.Among them, Beijing launched the first round of land supply for the Year of the Tiger on January 7, 2022, while Fuzhou, Hefei and Qingdao have also completed the first round of land transfer.Yin Yuxuan, an analyst with the Land division of zhongzhi Research Institute, told China Consumer News that the policy of “two concentrations” of land supply will be introduced in 2021, and the first batch of land supply will be mainly in March and April in 22 cities. Compared with last year, the first batch of land supply in 2022 will be earlier in some cities.Take Beijing as an example. On the one hand, during the downtrend of the market, Beijing’s land auction plays a vane role in the market, and the improvement of the heat of land auction is conducive to boosting market confidence.On the other hand, Beijing may adopt four batches of land supply this year. The advance of the first batch will help reasonably arrange the land supply plan, avoid drastic fluctuations in market supply and demand, and ensure the healthy development and smooth operation of the land market.According to the survey data of the Middle East Research Institute, of the 10 cities that have released the first batch of land supply so far, except Beijing and Xiamen, the floor price of land in the remaining eight cities has increased compared with the first batch of land supply in 2021, and the land price in seven cities has increased compared with the third batch of land supply last year.Yin Yuxuan believes that, on the one hand, the rise in floor price is related to the increase in the proportion of land size in the main urban area launched by each city and the increase in the size of high-quality land in the same region;On the other hand, the change of land type (such as the decrease of leased land, etc.) also has some structural impetus to land price.It is worth mentioning that Qingdao, Wuhan, Xiamen, Chongqing and Jinan have made it clear that the annual land supply plan will be changed from three batches to four batches.Yan Yuejin, research director of e-House Research Institute think tank Center, told China Consumer News that the increase of “two centralized” batches of land supply, on the one hand, can reduce the pressure of each batch of land supply, reasonably match the scale of each batch of land supply, avoid opening and closing, and ensure the stability of the land market structure;On the other hand, in the face of market adjustment and the lack of willingness and ability of enterprises to acquire land, local governments can adjust the annual land supply plan according to the situation, which is conducive to the stability of the expected land market.Auction rules to become simple just ended in Hefei, the first time to reappear hot scene of land supply, 19 transactions of the land, 15 cases reached the maximum price into the bidding for high-quality housing program stage.Yin yuxuan told China Consumer News that the reason for this is the sincerity of the Hefei government.This time, we adjusted the threshold of participation in the auction and the cost of land acquisition, optimized the bidding rules, and adopted the bidding policy of “competitive quality” after reaching the stop price. Meanwhile, we reduced the proportion of affordable housing and the number of bundled allocated land.A few days before the shooting, the “high-quality construction content and scoring standards” were adjusted to narrow the gap between small and medium-sized housing enterprises in the quality stage and the head of housing enterprises.Except Hefei, the bidding rules of the 10 cities that announced the first batch of land supply are generally simplified, and the bidding rules pay more attention to market stability and fairness.For example, Beijing increased the proportion of competitive existing house sales and lotteries, and the proportion of lotteries increased from 25% to 61%.In order to avoid increasing project costs through competitive construction and self-maintenance, etc.Wuhan has streamlined and optimized the third batch of land supply last year, adopting unified “circuit breaker” of land price and then “lottery” method to directly determine the winning bidder.Shanghai has optimized the rules from the two aspects of “bid evaluation method” and “one-time offer” to ensure the fairness of the land auction mechanism.Xiamen relaxed the payment cycle of land, to a certain extent, to ease the pressure of capital turnover of land enterprises.Some cities also relaxed bidding for enterprise development qualifications, lowering the threshold of access and the proportion of deposit.For example, Wuhan lowered the maximum margin ratio from 50% to 20%.In some cities, by lowering the proportion of government-subsidized housing and resettlement housing, lowering the ceiling price of land, and raising the ceiling price, some profit margins have been appropriately given to housing enterprises to further stimulate their willingness to take over land.For example, Qingdao and Chengdu have cancelled the requirements for the construction of “talent housing”, Wuhan and Xiamen have cancelled the requirements for the construction of “affordable housing”. The proportion of land with affordable housing in Beijing has dropped from 33% to 22%, and the number of land with affordable rental housing in Hefei has decreased significantly.In addition, the proportion of maximum floor area of subsidized rental housing decreased from 35% to 20%, and the proportion of residential commercial housing in Fuzhou decreased slightly compared with the three batches last year.The reporter observed that the epicycle soil beat the attention to residential quality and did not reduce, some cities to enhance the construction standard, from “competition high standard” to “fixed high standard” change, “heavy quality” more in-depth.Minimum standards such as hefei housing assembly rate increased from 30% to 50%, Qingdao chengyang district part of the plot prefabricated construction ratio increased from 40% to 50%, huangdao district, wisdom, infrastructure is also from the “comfort level” to “quality”, Beijing soil pat rules by “race starts” to “high”, set high plot ratio increased from 8% to 50%.Yan yuejin believes that as the country continues to strengthen the requirements of returning houses to “residential property”, it is expected that the future development of the real estate market will pay more attention to quality improvement, and the requirements of “quality” will become more normal.At present, among the 22 key cities, Beijing, Fuzhou, Hefei and Qingdao have completed the first batch of centralized land supply.In addition to focus on 22, just outside of “two” list of the cities for the constantly expanding, at present, xuzhou, xi ‘an, dongguan has been published or complete set for the first time, jinjiang, nanchang and other cities have issued a land promotion manual, next is expected to have more and more cities through the form of “concentration” for the land.Compared with the three batches in 2021, The market performance of Beijing and Hefei is relatively good. The proportion of land bidding up to the upper limit has slightly increased, while the proportion of land sold at the bottom price and the rate of unauctioned withdrawal have significantly decreased.Fuzhou market heat is less than expected, the floor price of the transaction of land accounted for a small increase, bidding up to the upper limit of the land accounted for and the flow of auction withdrawal rate remains unchanged.Qingdao continues the low-temperature trend in the market, but the margin has improved. This batch of land has reached the maximum price, but the bottom price of the transaction of land accounted for 17 percentage points lower than the three batches last year.From the first batch of enterprises to take land, the central enterprises are still the main market to take land, and the first and second tier core cities are still the focus of housing enterprises to take land.For land market future development trend, YanYuXuan said that in the short term, not one of the first cities and will continue to push to improve the structure of land and the bidding rules, the four batches for cities in the land of the year is expected to continue to increase, the earth shoot rules or will continue to the land of the threshold, the respect such as bidding rules such as a lottery to adjust, the guarantee enterprise reasonable profit at the same time,It will help promote the healthy and steady development of the real estate market.At the same time, the current local regulation and control policies have entered the optimized adjustment channel, it is suggested that enterprises grasp the local policy trends as soon as possible, timely adjustment of marketing and investment strategies, in order to better span the cycle.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com