The warmth of the Winter Olympics, see elegant demeanour in detail

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This past weekend, a spring snow drifting profusely and falling, decorated the “Double Olympic City”.Even though it’s not a weekday, the city of Beijing is busy with it.Road cleaning, facility maintenance, transportation support…Everything inside and outside the closed loop is silently telling the city and everyone’s contribution to the Winter Olympics.On a snowy night, the “Snowflake” torch display stand and the Bird’s Nest at the Awarding Square of the Beijing Competition Area.The hosting of a global sports event is inseparable from every individual who has quietly contributed to the Winter Olympics.On February 12, the international Olympic committee (ioc), the Beijing games are at a regular press conference organizing committee, the Beijing games organising committee for the Olympic village minister Shen Qianfan introduction, the winter Olympic Games in Beijing from, preparing for a bid to hold, always adhere to the concept of “athletes centered”, “in the apartment facilities, catering services, sports leisure and so on have made careful arrangement and design,At the same time, with one-stop business services to meet the diverse needs of athletes.”Since the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, tens of thousands of logistics personnel have been working around the clock to provide health and epidemic prevention, network security, transportation and other services to ensure the smooth operation of the games.All this work is to provide a good environment for athletes to participate in the competition, so that athletes have no worries, to create the best results, to realize their dreams.Sport is the universal language of mankind.At the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, there were many touching moments — after the curling mixed doubles round-robin match between China and the United States, The Chinese team fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi presented the United States team with “Bing Dwen Dwen” Olympic commemorative badge to express the friendship between the athletes, and the United States team also gave a gift.After crossing the finish line in the women’s 3,000-meter speed skating race, China’s Ahenar Adak extended her hand to Germany’s Claudia Pechstein, who is competing in her eighth Winter Olympics.After the final of women’s freestyle platform, Gu Ailing of China sent consolation to Tess Ludd of France who made a mistake.Su Yiming, 17, of China won the silver medal in the men’s snowboard slopestyle.In an interview after the match, the chief judge of the event admitted that he had given the champion too high a score, saying that the judges did not see the player’s grip error due to Angle problems. However, by the time they realized the mistake, the score had already been submitted.Faced with online complaints, Su’s coach said in an open letter that he and Su understand the difficulty of real-time scoring, thanked all referees and urged the public to stop criticizing them….Chinese ice and snow athletes have conveyed the friendship of the Chinese people to the world with their practical actions, and gained friendship and praise.Competitive sports are not only about winning or losing. The biggest meaning of “faster, higher and Stronger” is to challenge the limit and surpass ourselves. The ultimate goal is to enhance understanding and achieve “more unity” of human beings through competition.In the Beijing Winter Olympics, many athletes have been gracious in victory and defeat, showing respect for their opponents, confidence and friendship. This is a full interpretation of the Olympic motto and a demonstration of confidence and peace of mind.In addition to competing on the same stage and showing off their skills, the Beijing Winter Olympics has also built a bridge for athletes from all over the world to expand cultural exchanges and experience solidarity.In the Winter Olympic Village, foreign athletes have been impressed by the Chinese food. Some eat dumplings for every meal, some bring bean buns to the games, and some “plant grass” malatang and Peking duck.In addition, many foreign athletes also posted their “Moments of Friends” on overseas social media platforms to continuously update what they have seen and heard in China, curious to open a “blind box” of Chinese culture, and share the sincerity and enthusiasm of “Beijing welcomes you”.In particular, each athlete received a special gift — themed paintings by Chinese teenagers.A Jamaican skier posted the painting as his favorite Winter Olympics gift.Australian athletes even put the painting on the wall, you can see it all the time.Although the children’s brushwork is a little immature, but the blessing filled with color is very sincere.It is a subtle color painting to see elegant demeanor, so that the Beijing Winter Olympics this picture is full of wonderful and vitality.While athletes from around the world are getting to know Chinese culture, ordinary Chinese people are using the Winter Olympics as a bridge to connect with different cultures around the world.Forty-four children from the mountains in Fuping County, Hebei Province, have learned to sing the Olympic anthem in Greek. Their simple and ethereal voices will cross the mountains and seas and reverberate in the distant birthplace of the Olympic Movement.Geographically separated by oceans, because of the Winter Olympics, it seems close at hand.Auspicious snow.”No two snowflakes in the world are the same”, when the “beautiful” snowflakes gather together, the close interaction of different cultures in the “Circle of friends of the Winter Olympics” will definitely create a “universal” world empathy.These snowflakes tell not only the story of China, but also the common future of the world and the common destiny of mankind.Source: PLA Daily Weibo