Can rheumatoid arthritis patients get COVID-19 vaccine?Let me make these three points clear

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At present, the COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping major cities, and the situation is still extremely severe and complex.Vaccination is still the most direct and effective way to prevent COVID-19. Can patients with rheumatoid arthritis get vaccinated against COVID-19?Today, follow Dr. Huang to understand it ~ rheumatoid arthritis vaccination should be optimistic about these three points!For patients with rheumatism, the European Union for rheumatism recommends the following three points :(1) vaccinations can be given when the condition is stable;Patients with acute rheumatism should actively cooperate with anti-rheumatism treatment, strive to stabilize the condition as soon as possible, keep communication and contact with the doctor, and consider vaccination under the doctor’s advice and evaluation of the condition.At the same time, take good personal protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, and avoid going out to crowded places to reduce the probability of COVID-19 infection.(2) Priority should be given to inactivated vaccines, and other types of vaccines, such as adenovirus vector vaccines, should be carefully considered.(3) Most immunosuppressants, biological agents and small molecule targeted drugs should continue to be used, but the treatment time of some drugs should be adjusted accordingly: (1) Methotrexate: patients with stable condition should be suspended for 1 week after each dose of vaccine;The timing of vaccination is not changed.②JAK inhibitors (such as tofatib, baritinib) : stop for 1 week after each dose of vaccine;Do not change the time of vaccination.③ Abasepur: Novel Coronavirus vaccine use was suspended 1 week before and 1 week after the first dose, and there was no interruption before and after the second dose.④ Cyclophosphamide: The recommended time of cyclophosphamide administration is 1 week after each dose of vaccine.(5) Rituximab: It is best to get the vaccine before planning to use rituximab.Want to get better regular review is indispensable!Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease, which is difficult to achieve a complete cure. Therefore, regular review in the long-term treatment process can better monitor the changes of the condition at any time, so as to adjust the treatment plan in time.Doctor Huang indicated that the review time varies according to different indicators, and the specific situation is as follows: (1) Diagnostic indicators: rheumatoid factor and anti-cyclic citrulline antibody are usually reviewed once every six months to one year; (2) Inflammatory indicators: when the inflammatory indicators are abnormal or the pain is aggravated, try to maintain monthly review.When inflammation indicators are normal and there is no obvious joint pain, it is recommended to review every 3 to 4 months.(3) Safety indicators: It is recommended to have a review one month after the start of medication, and once the condition is stable, the review can be conducted every 3 months or half a year.Thank you for reading. I am Dr. Huang Lunyue of rheumatology department of public hospital.If you agree with me, please follow me or give me a like. If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the comments section