Incredibly contact “ice sister” to “do strong” illegal business!Taiyuan police crack down on prostitution and drug ring

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The source of methamphetamine that grasps by right of oneself and “whoring guest” resource, the man is drug business “do strong”, contact countrywide unexpectedly through the network “ice younger sister” prostitution to Taiyuan.Shanxi evening news reporter learned from taiyuan public security tip lawn branch that taiyuan police recently solved a involved in heilongjiang, liaoning, chongqing, sichuan, shanxi provinces and cities such as personnel’s younger sister “” ice with prostitution ring, capture, including nine younger sister” ice “, prostitution, drug addicts, 13, among them, the four QiangJie, club quit six, shall only three administrative detention,33.01 grams of methamphetamine and magu were confiscated.Incident review Taiyuan Public Security Jian Lawn branch Yingxin Street police station according to clues, in yingze district children’s park near will be prostitution drug users Wu, Wang mou arrested.Through lock 2 people place suck up the source of methamphetamine, the Li mou that peddles drugs in Taiyuan, Su Mou enters the line of sight of the police.”Drug trafficking cases are usually like this, pull out the radish and bring out the mud, as long as the clue is well managed, a catch can catch a string.”Police said, they in the Wanberlin district run Jingyuan neighborhood near Li mou, Su Mou implementation of the arrest, and on the spot from two people’s residence seized 32.66 grams of methamphetamine, magu 0.35 grams and drug tools.After further examination, Li mou unusual drug trafficking pattern attracted the attention of the police.Originally, on weekdays Li mou through wechat to carry out drug transactions, its use of wechat friends information can be roughly divided into “ice sister” “John” two parts.”We have caught a lot of drug traffickers, like Li mou, in drug trafficking at the same time also provide ice girl services are really rare.”Police said, according to the relevant information in Li’s wechat, the police began to follow the line in taiyuan city “ice sister”.Police went to Fenhe Bund and Runjingyuanzhu in Wanbailin District, Xinchun Longcheng Yuan in Xinghualing District, Dama Village in Xiaodian District, Central Waterfront and Xincheng Village in Jiancaowa District and captured 9 people involved in drug addiction.After investigation, Li mou came to Taiyuan city in 2014, in order to raise drug capital and high profits, he has been thinking about how to make his drug business “stronger”.Eventually, Li decided to introduce “ice sister” into his drug sales network.Since then, Li mou through poison friends mutual introduction and online contact, contact from all over the country “ice sister” came to Taiyuan in batches.The source of methamphetamine that grasps by right of oneself and “whoring guest” resource, li mou passes control “ice younger sister” the way of drug supply and economic income, firm a batch of “ice younger sister” control in oneself drug trafficking network.According to its introduction, once in feral day take drugs personnel puts forward to buy intention, Li mou arranges “ice younger sister” to carry drugs to meet with the stipulation of whoring guest.Each time “ice sister” introduction fee is 3000 yuan, 800 yuan drawn by Li, “ice sister” 2200 yuan.The 13 people arrested in the case have tested positive for methamphetamine.Main culprit Li mou has been criminal detention, su mou and other 4 people have been administrative detention, strong quit;Wu mou and other 5 people have been administrative detention, community quit;Wang and other 3 people have been administrative detention.The case is being further investigated and expanded.What is an ice girl?The so-called “ice girl” refers to those young ladies who offer sexual services to clients while helping them take drugs.New drugs such as methamphetamine have become popular in entertainment venues, and the “ice girl” is the result of the high sexual appetite of methamphetamine users in the early days.According to police, young women due to its physical characteristics, drug hurt will be greater, because a woman’s body is easy to accumulate fat, the ability to absorb water was lower than those of men, the drug is easy to accumulate in the body for a long time, the sequela is more, often cause all kinds of social problems and a criminal case, such as violence, promiscuous, prostitution, drug trafficking, suicide, etc.In addition, because women take methamphetamine and other drugs for a long time, great harm to the central nervous system, users are easy to appear emotional impulse, unreasonable, paranoid, delusion, hallucination and homicidal tendencies.According to relevant data, most of the “ice girls” are underage women, and the sexual excitement generated after drug use can easily lead to excessive sexual behavior, directly leading to sudden death or the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.