Linzhang name origin

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Linzhang County, Handan City, Hebei Province is a famous cultural city in Hebei Province.It is famous not only for its famous ancient capital Yecheng and The Tongqutai built by Cao Cao, but also for its rich cultural heritage and various celebrities and refined scholars.The ancient name of “Ye City” was changed to “Linzhang” in order to avoid the name of an emperor, namely Sima Ye, the last emperor of the Western Jin Dynasty.In Chinese history, the Western Jin dynasty, which completed the unification of The Three Kingdoms and ended the division, was indeed a short-lived dynasty.This dynasty only experienced 52 years from sima Yan’s accession to the final demise, only experienced four emperors.After the establishment of the Western Jin Dynasty, the ruling class was rapidly corrupted, the imperial families in the country also launched internal insurrection to harm the country, and the minority nationalities in the north also went south from time to time.Finally, the Western Jin died in the hands of a foreign race, even the emperor was captured and killed, this is really a tragedy!In 311, Liu Cong, the leader of the Xiongnu, sent generals Shi Le and Wang Mi to the south to attack. In the Battle of Ningpingcheng (present-day Dancheng County, Henan Province), the Xiongnu troops annihilated the main force of the Western Jin dynasty and killed Wang Yan, the Taiwei.Later, the hungarians invaded luoyang, the capital of the Western Jin Dynasty, captured Sima Chi, emperor Huai of the Jin Dynasty, and slaughtered 30,000 soldiers and civilians before marching away.History called it the “Yongjia Rebellion”.A state could not remain without a master for a day. In this situation, the fourth emperor of the uncertain Western Jin Dynasty ascended to the throne. He was Sima Chi’s nephew, and later known as Emperor Jin Min’s Sima Ye.When Sima Ye ascended the throne, he was only 13 years old, and his national strength was declining and falling apart. He had no army to fight with abroad and no capable ministers to stabilize the country at home.After Sima Ye ascended to the throne in Chang ‘an, the Xiongnu army cut off the grain supply road to Chang ‘an city, and sima Ye was extremely discomfited and could only satisfy his hunger with qu cakes (cakes made of liquor qu).In November 316, Sima Ye was forced to surrender to Liu Cong, the leader of xiongnu.Emperor Min of Jin, Sima Ye, was sent to Pingyang and conferred the title of “Huaiping Marquis”.He was a marquis, but the Xiongnu deliberately asked him to humiliate the last emperor of the Western Jin Dynasty by leading the hunting party and washing dishes and cups.In February 318 AD, Sima Ye was finally executed by Liu Cong at the age of 18.The Western Jin Dynasty stepped down from the stage of history, and the north fell into endless chaos.The nobles of the Western Jin dynasty moved south and established a new dynasty, known as the Eastern Jin.As the characters in “Yecheng” and Sima Ye’s name are the same, “Yecheng” was renamed “Linzhang” in order to avoid taboo.So named meaning near the Meaning of zhang River.In the following historical years, “Linzhang” county name basically followed the use down, in 1993, Linzhang County was assigned to handan City jurisdiction.(Ye is the ancient capital of six dynasties, and Santai is famous at home and abroad).As a historical and cultural county, Linzhang’s visibility is not much to say.Interestingly, linzhang got its name from the last emperor of the dynasty, which is also a very interesting stroke in the long history and culture of Linzhang.April 4, 2022