Macquarie said resources stocks preferred aluminum And Fuyao Glass, among others

2022-05-24 0 By

Sina Windows and Doors channel news on February 9, Macquarie released a research report that resources stocks preferred Aluminum Corporation of China (02600), Fuyao Glass (03606), China Building Materials (03323), Anshan Steel (00347) and Enjie shares (002812.SZ).Notably, the report said it expects’ significant headwinds’ to material-demand fundamentals over the next four to six months, but expects the government to shift its priorities from micro-regulation to new stimulus policies, including through real estate, infrastructure and consumption to support growth.At the same time, the bank cut its 2022 earnings per share forecast for all resource stocks, steel, aluminum and thermal coal by 2%/1%/6%, and 12-month preferred ranking for aluminum, electric vehicle and battery materials, steel, cement, paper, copper, glass and coal.* Source of information