Those impressive teammate NPCS

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What are the most anticipated games for players this year? I believe that “Starry Night” of B company must be one of the choices for many players. Some time ago, Starry Night released a brand new interview video of the creator, which is also very rare to give a few seconds of the game content.A robot character appears in the video and asks, “Hello Captain, how can I help you?”This is its only line, from which we can guess that it should be a companion NPC.This reminds me of another game “Fallout 4” of B Company. At the beginning, we, the protagonists, could not say that it was tragic. One second it was sunny and sunny, and the next it was a nuclear explosion.Finally made it to the shelter and entered the dormancy, ready for a new life in a few hundred years.We wake up with our loved ones killed and our children missing, and we’re standing in the dust after 200 years.Then we met a dog, who was also alone and without company, so naturally a man and a dog walked together.Dog meat is one of our most loyal companions in the wasteland, and in battle he will always “protect you” first, always going ahead of the player, putting himself in danger and giving us enough time to deal with the threat.When our backpacks are full, we can put some items into the dog backpacks, and we can instruct it to help us find all kinds of supplies.It will never have any complaints, will quietly carry the bags and we in the waste soil on the adventure everywhere.I believe that those who have played Fallout 4 will be deeply impressed by dog meat. I believe that even those who have not played Fallout 4 have heard of the sentence “start a dog, all the equipment depends on picking up”, which is enough to prove the value of dog meat. He is a good teammate that I will never forget in my game career.In addition to dog, there are a number of other teammates that have also impressed us, so in this article we look back at some of the teammates that have impressed us over the course of our career.In Assassin’s Creed 1, Malek was a rival assassin to Altair, whom he hated at first.Malick lost his left arm and the life of his brother because of Atair’s willingness to kill innocent workers as part of the assassins.He had to take a back seat as head of the liaison office in Jerusalem.When Atair first came to Jerusalem, Malik made no secret of his hatred for him, and spoke with a sharp tongue.But when An Air is gained in assassinate a task to grow, after becoming an excellent assassin Malick also does not conceal his satisfaction to an air and respect.On his third visit to Jerusalem, He apologized to Malik for the past, but Malik rejected his apology.Mr Macri believes Mr Athair is no longer the man who made the mistakes of the past and should not be blamed.We can see that Malick has a noble soul, and even though he can no longer go to the front line, he is still a good assassin.Malick also supports Athair when he comes to the aid of almorin, the master of the controlled assassin’s organization.That’s why Malick doesn’t get a lot of screen time in the game, but he still impresses us.Jake is the big guy who is the first friend we meet when we get into the game. Contrary to his rugged exterior, Jake is a man with a delicate heart and rich emotions.In the night City, a terrible city full of chaos and violence, but still optimistic, love the people around you.Despite his ordinary background, he still has dreams. He wants to become a legend in the city of night.This is a city where countless people want to get ahead, have untold wealth and power, but most of them are motivated by their own desires, or dislike of life at the bottom.Jack was different. You could feel his pure passion in pursuit of his dream.Players are naturally attracted to Jack, and I’m sure there are many players in the night City adventure who will bring Jack’s dream with them, in order to become a big name in night City, and in order to have Jack’s cocktails on the menu in all the bars.Zelda mifa mifa is the childhood sweetheart of Link, the protagonist of Zelda. When she was young, she and Link often played together and mifa would treat Link whenever he was injured. Mifa hopes that she can always protect Link like this.Instead, BOOS Cannon wakes up from the seal and kills Miffa. When Link wakes up from his sleep a hundred years later and sees Miffa again, miffa has only her soul left.And in order to help Link, Mifa gave his only remaining guardian power to Link.She keep her promise in the past, every time we are in danger of running out after the blood, the act of force of will appear, with a cry, “I will protect you” we’ll be back in more than a full blood 5 blood condition to continue fighting, although the act is not in our side, but she is with in our own way, and I experience difficulties together.I think all zelda players will remember that red figure, that Zora girl, she was so gentle and so impressive.If you think that all of your teammates are going to do anything to help you when the main character is in trouble, you’re young.Some of my teammates, they’re afraid to do anything just to stay there and you’re lucky.The representative character is Resident Evil 4 in Ashlee Graham, players affectionately known as: in the way li.She was the daughter of the President of the United States in the set, so we could not expect her to have any combat capability, key AI also very stupid, may sometimes walked out of the way she did not have good, or loss is carried away, we save her note also in the process of aim, a do not pay attention to, congratulations you come again, please.Every player playing Resident Evil 4 will probably hear the phrase “Leon!Help!!”Blood pressure goes up unconsciously.I believe that in the way li will certainly be able to leave a thick and heavy color in every player’s game career.If Fallout 4 is “one man, one dog, all the gear to start with”, Then Shadow of the Colossus is “one man, one horse, heading for a doomed adventure”.Agoro is the horse of wanda, the protagonist in the game. In the story of Wanda and the Colossus, Wanda went to the forbidden land in the legend in order to resurrect his beloved girl. He heard the “revelation” in the altar.Wanda did not hesitate, and immediately embarked on the journey with Agloor.It is a lonely journey, and no one else will show up on the road, supporting each other through mountains and rivers, through jungles and deserts.You don’t get any positive feedback when you hit the Colossus, you just move on to the next destination.Only Agholor, when he shows up at your side after each battle, maybe we can feel the warmth.But on the way to the last colossus, Agloh falls into a valley to carry Wanda to the other side, and our only companion on the journey is gone, leaving us to face the towering colossus alone.At this point, I think players will have a very strong feeling of loneliness, and that instant feeling of loneliness makes Agholor an indelible memory.Spectre is one of the most popular characters in the Call of Duty series, and although he only appeared in Modern Warfare 2, he immediately grabbed players’ attention.For no other reason than that the ghost character is just too handsome.He always wears a pair of sports sunglasses, a pair of tactical headphones and a mask painted with a white skull, highlighting the word “mysterious”.And the skull mask is definitely eye-catching. It might not be unusual to wear it in a hip hop or cyberpunk city, but in a serious and brutal battlefield it’s definitely a head-turning look that doesn’t look normal.I think anyone who has played Call of Duty has wanted to peel back the ghost’s mask to see what the mysterious man’s face looks like underneath.Of course, it’s not just about dressing up, it’s also reassuring to be a teammate, and it’s not because of the ghost’s strength. If you’ve played Call of Duty, you’ll know that the main output character in the game is the player himself.But in the game, we can feel the importance of the ghost to the teammate, we and the ghost in many battles, he will encourage the player, but also help us to continue to move forward.If we have a teammate like that in any game, we can really trust him.If there were an award for moving a teammate around the world right now, I believe Elizabeth would be the favorite to win.She’s a delicate girl, but you can rest assured that she won’t hold you back in battle, and will even help the player in battle, making your experience a whole lot better.She’s always been able to find the ammo and blood packs we needed when we ran low on ammo and blood, and get us back in the fight.We don’t need to save our energy to protect her, she will find the right place to hide in the battlefield and give us important help at the right time.Irrational Games put a lot of effort into creating Elizabeth’s voice, motion capture, and face by three different female staff members, as well as other design aspects, to create a real, lively character.If you’re a Resident Evil 4 player, you might want to just @Capcom and say, “Capcom, look at me.”The DESIGN of NPC AI is definitely one of the most important aspects of development in the game industry, and it is an important part of constructing a “real” game world.With the matrix Awakens DEMO released last year by Unreal 5, the graphics available in games have become more and more like the real world, leading more and more players to expect game AI that can match the graphics Level.If the AI in all future games is as good as Elizabeth in Bioshock, we could be witnessing the birth of a new era.That’s all I can think of of the most impressive NPC teammates in the history of the game, and I don’t know of any that have impressed you in your memory.If you can, please share it in the comments section and give some inspiration to my friends who have been suffering from game shortage recently.