Can good friends become partners in business?

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Can good friends make good partners?The three protagonists in the movie American Dreams in China are based on the three drivers of New Oriental: Yu Minhong, Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qiang.In reality, the three former best friends ended up breaking up.The younger sister went to the province to study for half a year, came back yesterday, long lost sisters together, fruit and melon seeds, chicken and duck roast fish, a few dishes, push a cup for a cup, drink a few cups, conversation will be thick.In the current not very prosperous situation, Xiao Yu’s business is rising, her morale is high, she wants to open up a new market, she aims at an industry, it is said that there are senior people behind the guidance, hope the sisters join together unfortunately I do not know this industry.This is a preliminary idea, the specific operation is not yet in clue.As a friend, I didn’t want to throw cold water on it, but to be fair, I didn’t want to participate, so I refused to join on the spot.Am I being too narrow-minded?I have concerns because I’ve seen bad examples of friends.They were very good friends at the beginning, and the two families have become very close. The children have become friends with both of them since childhood.At that time because of the furniture market is good, work together, and later because of a large number of high-quality low-priced southern furniture into the market, resulting in the investment capital did not recover.Originally, there were wins and losses in business, but both sides complained about each other, but they turned against each other, and the two families stopped communicating. A good friend is worse than a stranger.Can friends start a business together?Friends are an important encounter in life, the wealth of life, friends cooperation is very common.What are the pros and cons of doing business with friends?I sort out some of the following: first, advantages :1, understanding because understanding, know the roots of the role can be reasonably allocated in the cooperation.Know their strengths and weaknesses, can complement and avoid each other, conducive to work.2, trust and morale friends start a business, because fighting side by side, there is a sense of common destiny between friends.The reason why friends are friends is that they attract each other in the same way, understand each other more, trust is higher than ordinary people, and have the morale of working together for a win-win situation.Tolerance to err is human, friends can be stable together for a long time, there must be a lot of tolerance in daily life.People are used to taking orders from superiors, not from friends.If opinions are different and decisions can not be coordinated, emotional unhappiness will occur, affecting communication, and problems will be dealt with from a friend’s point of view, which can not be solved correctly, forming a vicious circle.Relationship bound friends have the same characteristics come together.Network circles tend to be the same, some industries network vision determines success or failure.In different fields, a good network is more conducive to development.The distribution of money can not be completely equal.The ability of friends is not the same, or the investment of different financial resources, allocation will certainly be a problem, this is the most likely to cause conflicts, it is more complicated to solve.In the friendship between public and private.For example, it is often heard that some company personnel use their resources to facilitate their family and friends. Although it is human nature, it damages the interests of the company.1, entrepreneurship must figure out the following questions: do friends have industry experience?Does your friend have any business experience?Do friends have complementary skills?What is your network of friends?Do you trust and respect each other?Can you trust and respect your friend’s decisions?Then, think about making a decision.Don’t get involved, don’t start.Open and honest, rational solution to the problem.Avoid personal emotions at work. Separate emotions from problems to be solved.Behind each friend is their own background, human society, it is difficult to completely avoid, need to formulate institutional restrictions.Invite people from different circles to join and look at things objectively.Understand each other’s strengths, apply them to operation, and formulate reasonable allocation plans.Once you start working together, it is important to keep in mind your friend’s original intention and keep revising the direction.Negative solution, break up business, only life friends.