Key scientific and technological tasks of Hebei province in 2022 are determined

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On January 26, Hebei province held the provincial science and technology work conference, closely around the national strategic needs and economic and social development needs of Hebei Province, for the annual scientific and technological innovation development layout.At the meeting, it was proposed that in 2022, China’s r&d investment should increase by 10%, scientific and technological resources should be allocated more accurately, innovation in the integration of industry, university, research institute and application should be more efficient, industrial transformation should be supported more effectively by scientific and technological innovation, the science and technology governance system should be improved, and the development level of high-tech zones should be further improved.In the development of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, how does Hebei seize the opportunity of scientific and technological innovation in the challenge and play a good “first hand chess”?This gathering of provincial science and technology system “governance” conference gave us the answer.Implementation, especially in scientific and technological innovation, is the key to implementing policies and creating a sound innovation ecosystem to turn our grand blueprint into reality.As the Central Economic Work Conference stressed, “science and technology policies should be firmly implemented”.”We have designated this year as the year of implementation of science and technology policies, and have made it a top priority in all our work.”Provincial science and technology department party secretary, director long Fenjie said.We will formulate and implement an action plan for reforming the science and technology system.We will strengthen the overall allocation of resources, implement the reform of delegating power, delegating power, delegating power, and providing services for the management of research projects and funding, deepen the new way of organizing research projects, such as “opening lists and reporting lists,” and continue to promote the use of the “all-funding system” for project funding.In the evaluation of science and technology projects and achievements to carry out the first trial.It is worth mentioning that this year, Hebei province will implement the post-r&d subsidy system for enterprises for the first time, subsidizing 10% or up to 10 million yuan of the newly added part of the actual R&D investment of science and technology enterprises.We will put in place a rigid mechanism for increasing R&D spending by state-owned enterprises, and ensure that all state-owned industrial enterprises with designated R&D institutes have access to them.We will increase funding for science and technology in universities and institutes, and explore the establishment of a reporting system for r&d investment in key provincial universities and institutes.In addition, Hebei province will also increase the promotion of policy publicity.Strengthen the construction of provincial science and technology policy training and service centers, cultivate a number of professional, standardized and efficient “science and technology service stations” in each city, and form a training and service system of science and technology policy covering the whole province.We will focus on scientific and technological projects and push forward the “bottleneck” link. We will effectively implement 22 scientific and technological innovation projects, such as equipment manufacturing, new materials and electronic information.Stably support 20 high-level seed industry innovation teams;17 scientific and technological achievements won national scientific and technological awards, 262 scientific and technological achievements and individuals won provincial scientific and technological awards…In the past year, Hebei has achieved remarkable results in the face of the urgent need to break the bottleneck.One hundred feet pole head, further progress.How to do scientific and technological innovation in Hebei province this year?Original innovation, key technologies, implementation of key projects “opening the list”……These become this year province science and technology work “schedule” in high frequency word.GongJianZhang play core technology research, in hebei province to take “who are stuck up, who draw capital contribution, who else is to do” a new way of project organization, by the science and technology leader, industry leading enterprises to study and put forward “their” restricting the development of industry technology, form a “list”, “billboard” department of science and technology, to attract domestic and foreign innovation resources “JieBang” research,Focus on solving a number of key core technical problems in key areas of Hebei Province.Basic research is the source of scientific and technological innovation.Hebei province will strive to make greater breakthroughs in basic research and original innovation.On the one hand, it encourages free exploration and strengthens long-term and stable support for unpopular disciplines, basic disciplines and cross-disciplines.On the other hand, strengthen the demand orientation, strengthen the application of basic research, from the restriction of hebei province’s key industry innovation and economic and social development to condense the basic science problems, understand the “bottleneck” technology of the basic theory and the underlying technology, enhance the original innovation and independent innovation ability.Only in industry can scientific and technological innovation make a strong impact.Hebei province will deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain, focusing on the province’s 12 leading industries and 107 characteristic industries at the county level, and accurately implementing major science and technology projects.Major scientific and technological innovation platforms are the key support to gather high-end innovation resources and enhance comprehensive competitiveness.In 2021, Hebei province will focus on superior innovation resources and strive to build high-level innovation platform carriers: 5 field scientific observation and research stations were approved as national level;The number of r&d platforms, including key laboratories and technology innovation centers at or above provincial level, reached 1,451.Hengshui High-tech Zone included in the list of Ministry of Science and Technology to promote construction……At the beginning of 2022, the construction of science and technology parks in Hebei province welcomed the good news again: Luanping and Xinji national agricultural science and technology parks in Hebei province were evaluated as excellent.Next, Hebei province platform construction will continue to spend a lot of money – planning to set up a provincial laboratory.Hebei Provincial Laboratory is planned and arranged in the fields of iron and steel, new energy and smart power grid by leading organizations, universities, research institutes and enterprises.We will accelerate the development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei National Technology Innovation Center.To meet the high-quality development needs of Hebei’s industries, the region will attract high-end innovation resources to tackle key and core technologies and transfer and apply scientific and technological achievements, so as to create a new model for coordinated development of scientific and technological innovation in The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.Integration of science and technology education resources in basic disciplines.Relying on key universities, hebei province will set up a number of basic discipline research centers in mathematics, physics and other fields, train a number of high-level basic research talents, and create innovation highland in frontier scientific fields.Promote the development of key industries empowered by provincial science and technology platforms.We will build high-level provincial technological innovation centers and new R&D institutions that gather innovation resources, open organization and operation, and diversified governance structures, and create a technological innovation system that integrates industry, universities and research institutes.Long Fenjie revealed that Hebei province will do its best to build a major platform, this year is expected to add more than 80 provincial science and technology research and development platforms.A group of data reveals the reason for the good news of science and technology work in Hebei Province: in 2021, the number of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises in hebei province will increase by 5,300, totaling 92,000 in total, and the number of high-tech enterprises will exceed 11,000, and the number of leading science and technology enterprises will reach 44.Behind the impressive figures are unremitting efforts.Last year, the provincial party Committee, the provincial government highly concerned about the cultivation of science and technology enterprises, many research and research of science and technology enterprises, hosted a symposium, the provincial science and technology department classified cultivation, comprehensive policy, shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Baoding and other cities vigorously implement the multiplication of science and technology enterprises action.”Not long ago, Hebei province issued the Work Plan on Supporting And Serving Enterprises’ Scientific and Technological Innovation (2021-2025), which clearly proposed to provide enterprises with a number of ‘enabling’ services. We feel deeply responsible.”Long fenjie said.This year, Hebei province will support leading enterprises in science and technology to join forces with upstream and downstream forces in the industry to form an innovation consortium, undertake major science and technology projects, build an innovation platform for the whole industry chain, and promote the deep integration of industry, education, research and use.In addition, we will build a big data service platform for science and technology enterprises and strengthen policy services.”Last year, Hebei province also established a performance-oriented management system for maker Spaces and incubators, and focused on building a number of public technical service platforms.At present, there are 483 provincial-level makers’ Spaces and incubators.”Long fenjie said that next, Hebei province will implement the “incubator construction and upgrading project”, smooth the incubation chain of “crowdinnovation-incubator-professional park”, and actively attract all kinds of scientific and technological service institutions to “fully empower” and “accelerate the whole process” for incubated enterprises.The high-tech zone is a highland for speeding up institutional and institutional innovation, and a main force for promoting high-quality economic development.In 2021, Hebei province will pilot the construction of innovative parks to attract various innovative elements to high-tech zones.Baoding Lianchi high-tech Zone was newly identified as the provincial high-tech zone, and there were 32 provincial-level high-tech zones.The achievement of Hebei province benefits from its “chuang” energy and “innovation” toughness.We will focus on big and good projects and develop new driving forces for the high-tech zones.This year, the province’s high-tech zones should vigorously implement the strategy of project driving, establish key project ledger, implement project list management.Provincial, provincial and county science and technology departments have set up specialized work teams, formed a three-level system of coordinating key provincial construction projects, carried out precise docking and assistance, and solved difficulties and problems in coordinating project construction.In order to ensure that key projects fall fast and stay, the provincial Science and technology Department will work with relevant departments to strengthen the service and guidance of high-tech zones in land, capital, technology and other aspects.We will implement a monthly scheduling system for key projects, coordinate solutions to major problems in project construction, and ensure that projects are launched, started, and produced at an early date.In addition, Hebei Province will also vigorously promote the optimization and integration, and guide the high-tech zones to bring the industrial enterprise clusters outside the provincial development zones with higher industrial structure matching into the management of the provincial high-tech zones through expansion or management.Strive for the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology for the expansion and trusteeship of the national high-tech zones, and promote the national high-tech zones to make progress.Actively promote cangzhou, Hengshui, Handan to create national high-tech zones.Focusing on the supply of achievements and vigorously promoting the transformation and industrialization, Hebei province has taken swift action to grasp the transformation of achievements, support industrial transformation and upgrading with scientific and technological innovation.It is reported that last year, Hebei province held the sixth Ministry of Science and Technology China Innovation Challenge (Hebei), scientific and technological achievements through Train (Hebei) and other various scientific and technological achievements docking activities more than 10 times.Continued to strengthen loan risk compensation, signed cooperation agreements with six banks including Hebei Branch of China Construction Bank, and established a risk compensation capital pool of 110 million yuan.On the new journey, Hebei province is full of energy.We will take solid steps to transform r&d from Beijing and Tianjin into Hebei province, carry out special projects to transform major scientific and technological achievements, and build a number of pilot-scale bases to mature scientific and technological achievements through technology integration and engineering services.We will launch action driven by application scenarios, build about 10 application scenarios, and accelerate the transformation and application of new technologies and products.In addition, Hebei province will also cooperate with leading enterprises in the industry, leading enterprises in science and technology, and well-known investment institutions to build a science and technology investment sub-fund to increase investment in cutting-edge science and technology.With the help of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and other large domestic capital platforms, the science and technology innovation Board listing cultivation bank has been established to attract capital markets inside and outside the province to support the development of science and technology enterprises.It is easy to catch scientific and technological talents and stimulate the innovation vitality of the whole society, but it is hard to find one.Planning the blueprint for the upward and deep development of scientific and technological innovation in Hebei Province is inseparable from the foresight of scientific and technological personnel.According to statistics, last year, Hebei province vigorously gathered “advanced, sophisticated and acute shortage” talents, adding 9 academician workstations, 43 academician cooperation key units, introducing and cultivating 40 high-level talent teams.Ten high-end foreign experts were selected into the 100 Foreign Experts Program, and 50 demonstration bases and 73 workstations were set up to attract foreign experts.However, Long fenjie also said that at present, the role of talent as the “first resource” has not been effectively played, and there is still a gap in cultivating and introducing high-level scientific and technological talents.Vigorously cultivate the use of science and technology personnel has been put on the agenda.In the plan, Hebei will strengthen the introduction of academician intelligence, standardize the construction and management of academician workstations and cooperative institutes, and give stable support to academicians and their teams in hebei who carry out scientific research activities in the front line.We will implement a special project to build high-level talent teams, and support enterprises to cooperate with academicians and their teams to tackle key problems in scientific research, build platforms, transform achievements, and cultivate talents.We will implement a series of plans to introduce foreign talents and intelligence.We will explore the establishment of an offshore mechanism for innovation and entrepreneurship of overseas talents, implement the plan to introduce Overseas Engineers and the Plan to recruit 100 Foreign Experts, and strengthen the construction of a Workstation for Foreign Academicians (Nobel Prize).To deepen scientific and technological cooperation between provincial institutions and universities.To organize and implement the cooperation action of transforming scientific and technological achievements between Hebei Province and CAS, and to promote the gathering and transformation of scientific and technological forces and achievements of CAS to Hebei.We will launch a project to build bases for international science and technology cooperation, and set up a number of international innovation parks, international joint research centers and international demonstration enterprises for science and technology cooperation.At the provincial scientific and technological work Conference, the achievements of scientific and technological reform, such as “classifying and formulating the evaluation index system oriented by the quality and contribution of scientific and technological innovation” and “the” negative list + all-work system “for the trial implementation of natural science Foundation projects, attracted special attention.In recent years, the provincial science and technology Department has achieved positive results by fully implementing the reform measures of science and technology evaluation and reward system with the courage to turn inward.But at present, the overall efficiency of scientific and technological innovation system in Hebei province is not high, and practical measures should be taken to crack it.This year, the provincial science and technology department to establish a project evaluation results evaluation platform, crack the scientific research financing difficulties as a top priority to grasp.”Currently, we are building a project evaluation and achievement evaluation system.”Long Fenjie introduced that the system from hebei province industry high-quality development demand and colleges and universities technology supply, in the “evaluation of what” “who to evaluate” “how to evaluate” “how to use” four aspects clear ideas and measures, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into industrialization.Centering on the “evaluation of what”, relying on the provincial Achievements Exhibition and Trade Center, through sorting out the technical needs of enterprises, and through the “opening list and leading”, joint tackling of key problems, from universities and institutions inside and outside the province and other forms of technology supply matching, to form a project library for carrying out evaluation and evaluation.Centering on “who will evaluate”, professional pilot evaluation institutions will be established relying on provincial Industrial Research Institute, and on the basis of the pilot, technology transfer institutions of key universities in Hebei province will be guided to carry out evaluation and evaluation.At the same time, a number of market-oriented third-party evaluation institutions will be established.Based on “how to evaluate”, the RESEARCH and development activities from “laboratory” to “production line” are divided into 13 levels. Through evaluation and evaluation, it provides value reference for the social and economic behaviors such as technology trading, achievement transformation, technology financing and government support for projects and achievements.Centering on “how to use”, the policy toolkit of “attracting investment in science and technology”, which includes “information disclosure of evaluation results + financial support for science and technology + diversified investment and financing from the society”, will be constructed, and investment and financing measures for the whole chain of high and new technologies from concept proposal, laboratory verification to transformation and application will be improved.(Hebei Daily reporter Wang Ludan correspondent Xue Hua) Pay attention to Hebei News network, understand the latest news in Hebei.