The all-new Ford EVOS touches the heart with its intelligent design

2022-05-25 0 By

The new Ford EVOS, based on ford’s new “potential energy aesthetics” design concept, creates a forward-leaning dynamic overall shape and a full shape with muscular feeling, bringing the passion of collision between rapid movement and strong force.Through the lamp belt, sculptural artistic beauty, with nearly 5m long golden ratio avant-garde sliding back body, showing the most magnificent and amazing unique charm at the same level!The sense of ritual comes from life!As you approach, the all-new Ford EVOS will greet you with a sense of technology and luxury at a glance.1.1m ultra wide area HD large screen, bringing extraordinary shock!It simplifies the physical buttons, and can complete a variety of intelligent interactions, such as left and right swiping, up and down sliding and pulling menus, just like smart phones.Also can open the split screen mode, and can switch the main and secondary screens at any time, navigation, entertainment, road mode and other information at a glance!Open annual red envelope, please click to check.Ford EVOS innovation wisdom big five SUV financial red envelope: enjoy 3 years 0 interest rate financial package ① replacement red envelope: enjoy up to 15000 yuan replacement subsidy ② Maintenance red envelope: any brand model replacement Ford EVOS enjoy lifelong free maintenance ③ test drive red envelope: to the store test drive Ford EVOS that enjoy the gift ④ owner red envelope:5. Changan Ford owners will enjoy 3 perks, including 30 free inspections/seasonal parts gifts/Spring Tire Treats from February 25, 2022 to February 27, 2022