Create civilized city measured point construction standards | scenic spots, tourist hub

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According to the “Pingliang City to Create a National Civilized City 2021 Site Site Establishment Standards”, the construction standards of scenic spots and tourist distribution centers are as follows:01 Display industry standard hotel cases in a prominent position.Using a variety of forms to carry out the civilization for reference 02 to inform, remind of civilization, civilization ticket Windows at the entrance to persuade 03 has “one-meter line distance” sign or ground has “one-meter line” prompt logo at the entrance of 04 can see civilization tourism, and other public service ads 05 prominently set up socialist core values and the landscape sketch 06 built volunteer service point,There are six voluntary service stations that can provide services normally: 1.Volunteers with uniform clothing or work badges;Content of volunteer service projects;4. Management system of volunteer service stations;Record of volunteer service activities;It shall provide facilities and tools for the convenience of the masses, such as service equipment and equipment.07 There are barrier-free toilets and maternal and child rooms, with eye-catching signs, good management and use. 08 All kinds of air cables are neat and standardized, without disorderly pulling and setting, flying cable charging phenomenon. 09 Advertising facilities and signboards meet standards in height and size.Outdoor advertising facilities and signboards are safe and firm 10 The buildings and the glass curtain walls and exhibition boards attached to the buildings are safe, firm and intact 11 motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles are parked in an orderly and standard manner, do not occupy the green belt and do not affect the passage of pedestrians;No road – occupying operation, haphazard construction phenomenon;No nuisance for others for vagrants and beggars, phenomenon of disturbing social order 12 trash pickup, classified collection in time, no accumulated rubbish, confetti, cigarette butts, dirt phenomenon 13 garbage collection point, refuse transfer station, public toilet facilities clean, no waste water stains, no obvious smell around 14 without quarrel abuse, use vulgar language phenomenon;No littering, window parabolic phenomenon;No spitting or sneezing without covering mouth and nose;No damage to public facilities;No occupation and blocking of fire access phenomenon;There is no civilized pet phenomenon;No reclining public seat phenomenon;Orderly queuing, keep a proper distance, no travel hub 01 to jump the queue phenomena prominently display industry code 02 in the significant position in the tourism publicity materials posted, civilization 03 from personnel of course of civilization terminology, standardize services, fees, fee standards, and complaints, put complaint suggestion box 04 environment clean and tidy, have obvious anti-smoking identify sources:Office of municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism