Help reduce cost and increase efficiency, lean PS3140U skillfully use bar code recognition intelligent document management

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In recent years, with the support of cloud computing, AI, big data and other emerging technologies, the process of “improving efficiency and reducing cost” of digital office has been accelerating.In this context, scanners with its high definition, rapid document conversion advantages, become an indispensable office equipment to help units, enterprises business transformation and development.Especially for special industries such as finance and logistics that need large quantities of scanning, convenient and efficient scanners can further play an important role in reducing costs and increasing efficiency.Traditional file management has many drawbacks. Enterprise file management should be more intelligent. Traditional file management is to classify files in an artificial way.The traditional way of file classification seems to be relatively simple and convenient in the initial stage of file sorting. However, in the later stage of file sorting, because of the increasing accumulation of files, it directly leads to the disorder of files, and it is difficult to access and search.Electronic archives management, the need in the early sorting of the archives to be classified and marked, at the same time these information timely input into the computer system.Traditional scanners need to manually change the name and file management after scanning, leading to a large workload of sorting file marks in the early stage, but also there are not automatic rotation, cutting is not accurate, scan pages, background optimization is not clean and other image quality problems.In addition, for many small and medium-sized enterprises, only one scanner is difficult to meet the problem of employee sharing, and separate procurement of network scanners and there is a high cost constraints.In order to solve the above problems encountered by enterprises in the process of document digital management, Lean Technology launched lean PS3140U A4 double-sided color high-speed scanner, providing a more efficient solution for enterprise digital information collection.Document digitization is an important part of enterprise digital transformation.Digital transformation for enterprises is not to convert paper documents into electronic documents, for a variety of complicated document media types, enterprises need fast and efficient integrated solutions, and lean PS3140U scanner just perfect to solve these problems.For enterprises, all kinds of bills, forms and clauses are complex and meticulous and the number is huge, some notes of the font is relatively small, the accuracy of ordinary scanners can not reach the scanning document is still clearly visible, in terms of speed, the traditional digital compound machine all kinds of complex Settings also virtually improve the operation threshold.The PS3140U has a scanning accuracy of up to 600dpi and a scanning speed of 40 pages /80 pages (per minute), both in accuracy and speed can meet the urgent needs of enterprises for digital transformation.In addition, PS3140U with intelligent image processing function, whether color documents or black and white printing paper, has helped users to set up the default, users only need one button to complete the scan, reduce the operation threshold and improve the scanning efficiency of all kinds of bills and forms.In the face of different document media scanning requirements, PS3140U thick and thin paper can scan strong paper compatibility is particularly outstanding.PS3140U uses an improved roller system, which uses composite materials to optimize the friction coefficient of the roller, making the paper feed more smooth, more stable and durable.Lean PS3140U also has a highly sensitive ultrasonic double-sheet feed detection function, which effectively prevents leakage and scanning caused by multiple feed pages.Document digital management requires not only quantity but also quality, among which “intelligent image processing” is an important functional module.PS3140U scanner built-in intelligent image processing, can easily achieve automatic deletion of blank pages, automatic alignment, automatic cutting, image edge, background optimization and other functions, without manual adjustment, all automatic intelligent realization.In addition, for vertical industries, such as logistics, retail and other industries to the bar code scanning identification needs.PS3140U scanner can also realize barcode recognition automatic naming and other functions.By identifying one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes, and converting bar codes into file names for storage, it is convenient to archive and refer files by bar codes later.For example, on the express bill of logistics, the scanned image needs to be named by the express bill number and uploaded to the system. When the customer complaint tracking occurs, you can directly use the express bill number to query and call out the signature receipt of the customer.The enterprise contract is scanned and stored in the system. It can be searched quickly as long as the barcode content is input when reading.In the daily office of an enterprise, it is often difficult to file files after scanning. Traditional scanning solutions only generate a document after completing scanning operations, and the problem of how to distinguish, file and manage these files falls on the operator.PS3140U can further improve the work efficiency and solve the problem of archiving.The PS3140U can automatically split and archive documents by identifying and extracting barcodes or blank pages from documents.When scanning multiple files at a time, PS3140U will automatically cut the files whenever it encounters blank pages or different bar codes, and the files before blank pages or bar codes will be saved into a PDF file independently, saving the time of batch scanning and further improving office efficiency.In the daily office of enterprises, with the increase of scanning business, the demand for purchasing scanning equipment is also increasing.However, for most enterprises, it is impossible to do one scanner, so how to make every scanner make the best use of everything becomes a top priority, and shared scanning is an excellent choice.Using PS3140U network sharing transmission function, network sharing scan can be realized easily.Set by the software, PS3140U support will scan the file share a key to specify the computers in a network, without having to turn through usb drive, or a third person handling, reduces the financial documents, the leakage of confidential documents, maximize the utilization rate of equipment, improve the working process at the same time, help enterprises to effectively control the cost of equipment purchase and management.Faced with the tide of digital transformation, the traditional archives management can not meet the needs of the development of enterprises.Lean PS3140U A4 double-sided color high-speed scanner has also brought new modes of document processing and new methods to improve work efficiency for the majority of enterprises, and has become a powerful aid to the digital transformation and cost reduction and efficiency increase of enterprises.