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Pig Wazi (Pig Wazi), pig.”The old sow led a group of young pigs roaming on the village road.”○ People s Daily, 1981.1.17: When the team leader had a head and was raising pigs, the members asked him to buy baby pigs for them.Pig baby (pig baby), ◆ See “pig baby”.Thief baby (thief baby), dialect.A thief, someone who steals something.Chapter 5 of Xu MAO and His Daughters: “He tried once in [Xu’s] yard, but he was so reckless that he was almost caught as a child thief.”Fish baby (fish baby), fish girl.[Qing][Yao Xie] “Pot in the Sky · Wupeng boat” word: “still love delicate small fish baby, girder house stop meal, according to the water inclined pocket temples.”Doll, children’s toys.A small person made to imitate the appearance of a foreign child.○ Yellow Balloon: A baby is as small as a doll on a table.误 : A young girl.○[Bai Juyi] “Spring to persuade drinkers” poem: “Taste wine to stay idle, tea to make a baby.”[Song][Wang GUI] Poetry in the Palace: Children compete to find a pot of money.[Yuan][Zhang Yu] “Small Swim fairy” poem: “little baby mo say face such as lotus, since sheep long to fenchida field.”2 pieces dialect.The boy.○ “Chinese ballads data collection ii · Selling children’s songs” : “Baby sold to [zhi] people, little niang sold to [shrimp] people, as much as [Shenjiamen], each rotten sweet potato dry 200 jin.”A fairy doll is a beautiful woman.○[Song][Hu Haoran] “Dongfeng Qi Force · New Year’s Eve” word: “Sheng Reed everywhere noisy, will be a good feast, sit xian Wa.”Eve, Hebrew transliteration, translated by Eva.Wife of Adam in the Bible -“In the Old Testament, it is said that in seven days god created heaven and earth, and in the end he kneaded a man named [Adam], who became ill and died. Then he turned his wife into a woman, named [Eve], who lived in [Eden].”Siwa (Siwa), dialect.For the children.○ Selected Fiction, Issue 11, 1981: “Young girls run, young men run, old women dance, and young children dance.Wu Wa Yue Yan (Wu Wa Yue Yan), generally refers to [Jiang] nan beauty.○[Tang][Wang Bo] “Lotus Collection” : “Wu Wa [Yue] Yan, [Zheng] Wan [Qin] yan.”○[Tang][Li Bai] “After the chaos after the memory of the old swim book Huai Gift Wei Taichao” poem: “[Wu] baby and [more] yan, gentle kua lead red.”[Song][Sun Guangxian] “River Biography” word four: “Magnolia boat, where [Wu] wa [yue] yan, lotus root red face.”Wu Wa (Wu Wa), ◆ Beauty..through the selection, MeiCheng hair < 7 > “:” the [first] shi, classifiers [sigh], [Yang wen], [do], [wu], [Lv Ju], [Fu Yu] ACTS…One cherry and imperial.”○[Lee Sun] Note: All Women are beautiful.”At the beginning, [Zhufu] took his eldest son [Zhang] as prince, and then he got [Wu Wa], who he loved.”○[Wu] Wa…[Wu][Chu] between the beauty yue baby.”○[Qing][Fang Wen] “Gift million young” poem: “with [Wu] wa Mei, Lin book [Wei] Fu Gong.”○[Lu Xun] “untitled” poem: “Hao Tooth [Wu] wa sing” Willow Branch “, wine stop people static late spring.”I’m a child.The original [Mei’s] life cautious, before the matter, in front of his son, not a word, but afraid of wazi family slippery, leading to right and wrong, useless damage.○ The Wizard of Oz first Time: [Cheng ‘an County] introduced [Lengjia] Wazi, a young man, really a genius.○ Chapter 14 of The First chapter of The History of Entrepreneurship: I [Guo Zhenshan] am not a child, I know what to do!误 : The young of an animal.”The old sow led a group of young pigs roaming on the village road.”正 : Slaves in the old [Liangshan] and other minority areas.○ Draft of The History of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)The original note: “Wazi, the name of the [Han] people being looted into the [yi] nest.”○ A Discussion on The Zhou Dynasty society in the Era of Slavery by Guo MoruoSalamander (salamander), commonly known as giant salamander.Amphibian, cry like a baby, so called.The name of the giant salamander.Amphibian, cry like a baby, so called.○ Wenhui Daily, Aug. 13, 2006: Observing the squirming pattern with many feet, we can’t feel that the pattern has even a little sense of dragon. On the contrary, it is more like a small animal like a deformed giant salamander crawling on the bottom.Wawasheng, a type of young actors in traditional Chinese opera, plays the role of children, usually played by young actors or actresses, singing mainly in doll tones.■ In the opera of a class of raw actors, specially play the role of children, generally played by young actors or actresses, singing to the baby tone.○ Wenhui Po, June, 2005: When I first appeared on the stage, I played a baby boy instead of a big face.○ Digest Weekly, July 10, 2007: “The baby boy, whose stage name is qilin Tong, started a 70-year love affair with the city.”Childish (childish), childish.”[Lord Ahn] said, ‘Oh, why are you so angry?”[Wang Lao-jiu]” Wang Bao-jing “poem:” Act fast, keep secrets, can not bring a little child.”Baby, baby.○[Won][Wang Zhong-moon][Save filial Son] Wedge: Halfway here, he wants to raise a baby.”I have been loading and unloading until the girl hugged the doll and he became a grandmother.”正 : Children.”I also packed some black dates and green cakes and told him to take them back to eat with the baby.”Chapter 1 of Gao Gan Da: Only a boy of 15 or 16 who walked toward me looked at him.Baby hall, ◆ Palace ladies house.○ Tang Wang Bo “Tanabata Fu” : “Baby house sparse xi grass plot, huan room lonely xi purple moss.”■ Also refers to the settlement of prostitutes.○ Tang Bai Juyi “generation of prostitutes presented zhou Judge” poem: “Lanting month broken back to no, baby museum cool autumn but to no?”Baby (baby), a beautiful girl.○[Gold][Yuan Hao-wen] “Youth resentment” poem: “eighteen jiao baby poor, graceful wind before the spring breeze.”误 : A boy is a son.○ Just a girl, she will get married sooner or later, and she has no children.正 : It also refers to children, especially dolls.Some of them are talking with the common people, and some are holding the common people’s baby.The baby grass is another name for ◆ luxuriant grass.○[Southern Dynasty][Liang][Ren Fang] < Narration of Exotic Records > volume: “Luxuriant grass, but also called as women’s grass.○ In [Jiang][Zhejiang] Huwa grass.Beauty yue wa, so think name.”Broken baby, ◆ dialect.For the children.Jiefang Daily, January 1, 1945: My good warden!Do something about it!Aunt can’t give birth at home!A woman with a broken baby.”Shu Wazi (Shu Wazi), dialect.Tree seedlings.○[He Jingzhi] “Planting trees” : “I put the dung pressure of the good price, called the tree baby to eat full price.I watered it at a good price, and it was a good price for the baby tree to drink.”City girl, city girl.[Song][Zhou Mi] “Wu Lin Old Story · Qi Qiao” : “Gong Ji Shi Wa, crown flower collar is decorated with qi Qiao when things yan.”Clay doll, clay child.[Yuan][Zheng Jung-yu] “Watching The Money Slave” second copy: “I have several basins of water with such a big child, but how can I always banknote!Then buy a clay doll son, also can’t buy.”See “Mud child”.A gold doll is a precious thing.○ March 21, 1988.People’s Daily: Learn branch skill, Learn culture, ‘Mud legs’ Bring back’ gold dolls’○ Xinhua Daily on August 30, 1990: On December 19, 1988, [Governor Chen] talked about the project and asked us to give birth to a baby as soon as possible and hold a gold doll.Jiaowa (jiaowa), beauty;The young girl.[Tang][Liu Yu-suk] “Palace of The Children” poem: “Palace of the children, then meaning too kua.”○[won][Unknown] “Yuanyang” second fold: “Poor me this did not look at the cute baby, early 諕 to the soft feet of the answer.””[Tan Shaowen] because the day before yesterday followed [Xia Ding] to catch that meeting, but also the new learning to look for a doll.”◆ Fill card entry beauty;The young girl.○ Choppy Waters by Zhu Soo-hae: She was the center of the family like any other only daughter, the pet of her parents.Guo Wa, ◆ The color of Judah.Refers to a woman of great beauty.Lu Guimeng of tang Dynasty: “I have seen a painting of the Children of China in the Southern Dynasty. I saw the bright clouds on the clothes of ancient luo.”Guowa Palace (Guowa Palace), ancient [Wu] palace name.○ The Spring and Autumn Period, The King of Wu, fu Chai was created by Xi Shi.In today’s [Jiangsu][Suzhou] southwest [Lingyan Mountain], [Lingyan Temple] is its former site.○[Jin][Zuo Si] “Wu Du fu” : “Fortunately [guan Wa palace], Zhang Female music and entertainment court officials.”[Tang][Li Bai] “Xi Shi” poem: “Carrying [Guwa Palace], little appetite can climb!”[Ming][Tang Yin] “Jiangnanchun · Second Ni Yuanzhen rhyme” word: “the ancients line moss cold, [museum baby palace] lock [Xishi well].”Name of the ancient Wu Palace.○[Tang][Bai Juyi] “Willow branches” words: “[Suzhou] Willow Renjun kua, more [Qiantang] win [pavilion baby].”正 : The Forbidden City.○ It was built for Xishi during the Spring and Autumn Period by King Wu and Fu Chai.○[Wu] people call beauty as a baby, [museum baby palace] for the palace of beauty.The latter refers to xi Shi.[Tang][Li Shen] “Looking back at the Palace Museum” poem: “Because I asked [Museum children] what I hate, broken [Wu] red face is still open lotus.”Refers to a beautiful woman.[Yuan][Sun Juqing] “Toad Hall song · title Pipa Pavilion” song: “Concubine was a Beijing teacher’s child, married a businessman reduced to the end of the world.”○[Qing][Gong Sang-im] peach Blossom Fan: Worship altar: Since ancient times, Kings have loved guanguan children.Official child, ◆ official prostitute.○[Tang][Bai Juyi] “Luo Qiao Cold Food day for ten rhyme” : “house brew injury teach send, official children do want to welcome?It dances like a willow, but sings like a nightingale.”[Song][Han Wei] exhibition Jiangting Crabapple poem four: “Now the prefessor especially cherish, only the official baby wear a branch.”○[Ming][He Jingming] “Lake song” : “the official baby side sitting wave numerous string, the cold wind curl floating element autumn.”Gong Wa (Gong Wa), palace maid.○[Tang][Wang Wei] “from qishan night banquet Wei Mountain pool should teach” poem: “seat guest incense ermine full, palace baby qi zhang.”○[Yuan][Ma Zhiyuan] “Han Palace Autumn” wedge: “The peace of the four seas absolutely Sima, grain abundance did not battle log, I wait to brush the maid choose palace baby.”[Qing][Zhu Ciqi][Answer to Taixue Zi Can see yi45 rhyme] : [Pathethet or palace children complain, rain tears plow flowers 亸.Big head doll (big head doll), a costume worn over the head for performance.Because its appearance is a child’s head face, so called.Often used in playful dances.Village child, ◆ village woman.○[Tang][Lu Guimeng] “Danyang Road send friends” poem: “The sea custom lu weaving room, village children practice bundle clothes.”