Qinghai Mobile’s “rights and interests ecosystem” management model was awarded the title of “Provincial quality Benchmark”

2022-05-26 0 By

Qinghai Mobile has been awarded the title of “Provincial Quality Benchmark in 2021” for its “people-centered, digital-intelligent life rights and interests ecosystem” management model, which is also the only unit in the provincial communication industry to win this award.At the same time, Qinghai Mobile has also been rated as “Excellent Enterprise of Quality Trustworthy Team Construction in Qinghai Province” and “Excellent Enterprise of Quality Management Group Activities in Qinghai Province” by Qinghai Quality Association, Qinghai Federation of Trade Unions, Qinghai Women’s Federation and Qinghai Society of Science and Technology.In 2021, Qinghai Mobile has achieved remarkable results by implementing the management mode of “people-centered and building a digital-intelligent life rights and interests ecosystem”, constantly improving the rights and interests ecosystem, effectively improving customer loyalty and helping the high-quality development of the enterprise.Qinghai Mobile’s paid-up membership of equity increased by 318% compared with last year, and its equity income increased by 242.5% during the same period. The penetration rate of paid-up members of equity and the completion progress of equity income ranked first in China Mobile Group, and won the third place in the selection of excellent cases of product and equity operation in 2021.(By Sun Jing and Zhang Bin)