Rockchip RK3566 compared with Jinchen S905X4 chip which performance is stronger, the comparative test results come out

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There are very few new products in the TV box industry, and the mainstream ones are Jingchen and Rockchip. The performance of Quan Zhi chip is not as good as the first two, and among the Rockchip, RK3566 model is the best;In Jingchen, its A311D and S922X chips are both industry leaders, with one focusing on artificial intelligence and the other on the performance of traditional TV boxes.The comparison we are going to make today is between Rockchip RK3566 and Jingchen S905X4 chip, to see whether The industry benchmark of Jingchen can be shaken by Rockchip. The result is amazing!First of all, there is a horizontal comparison between the two processors. In fact, the central processing unit (CPU) is almost the same, both using the quad-core A55 architecture, but the overall performance is a bit stronger than that of The RK3566.Because RK3566 can support up to 8K video decoding, almost covering the whole network video format resources, to meet the needs of users for all kinds of HIGH-DEFINITION video sources.The second biggest difference between the two chips lies in the graphics processor (GPU). Because of this, the comprehensive capability of the RK3566 processor of Rockchip is completely superior to that of Jinchen S905X4. Why do you say so?What is the power of the GPU?As a matter of fact, with the development of science and technology, from 1080P to 2K and then to 8K era, the demand for APP, video and game is constantly increasing, and people’s requirement for picture quality is also increasing. Therefore, GPU is also an important factor affecting people’s experience.The main task of GPU is to construct and render pictures and videos input to the system, especially when dynamic pictures are displayed.So this is the core element of a TV box, especially if you’re buying it primarily to watch TV and play games.The Microchip RK3566 is powered by the MALI-G52 GPU, while the Jingchen S905X4 is powered by the Mali-G31 GPU. The CURRENT top GPU in TV boxes is the Mali-450&LT.Mali-T880<Mali-G31<Mali-g52, so The RK3566 GPU is the best. In TERMS of FP32 performance in GFLOPS, the RK3566 GPU is four times better than the S905X4 GPU.In addition, WE also conducted a 3D Mark scoring test, and the result is that Rockchip RK3566 is higher than Jingchen S905X4.Because of this, there is the beginning of the comparison of the rabbit rabbit running points, Rui Xin MICRO RK3566 runs 59406 points, and Jingchen S905X4 runs 54563 points.These are all theoretical parameters, we are using a physical TV box, so what is the actual experience of the two chip representative works?The representative work of Ruc RK3566 is The new product MAX 1 of Danbei Box 2022, and the representative work of Jingchen S905X4 is Tencent Aurora 4 Pro. I have attached a few pictures below, so that you can see the gap between picture quality more intuitively.On the whole, the picture quality of MAX 1 is better, the colors are more vivid and the tones look comfortable.On the other hand, Tencent Aurora 4 Pro is different. The color is dark, the saturation is too high, and the color is cold. It is very uncomfortable to look at, especially when the rose is more colorful, it is more clear.So all in all, when the shell box MAX 1 has the best picture quality, the original scenes are more detailed and beautiful, and it can bring you an immersive viewing experience.(Danbex Box MAX 1) Then back to the main point, The comparison between The Processor of Rockchip RK3566 and That of Crystal CHIP S905X4 is surprising. Crystal Chip S905X4 is completely defeated by the second. In terms of configuration and performance, Rockchip RK3566 is the strongest.The only new TV box equipped with this chip is The Danbei Box MAX 1, which also overturns the design of traditional TV and has an intelligent dot matrix screen.And inside is also the world’s first use of 6G running TV box, such a super cute, times the TV box can not love?