Hengshui Zaoqiang comprehensively promote the construction of rural Party construction demonstration area

2022-05-27 0 By

Since last year, Zaoqiang county has adhered to scientific planning, comprehensive guarantee and integrated development, comprehensively promoted the construction of rural Party construction demonstration zone, and effectively boosted rural revitalization.Adhere to planning guidance, scientific layout.County county characteristics, bend force to build and then went along Dong Zi line, line, zheng ever line 3 trunk highway party ShiFanDai, relying on each township local characteristics, comprehensive build ecological agriculture water-saving demonstration area, Dong Zi demonstration area, rural complex cultural tourism demonstration area, demonstration area of four demonstration area, the rural residential environment regulation to build the “three line four area” party construction demonstration area construction layout.At the same time, they selected 80 villages from 11 townships as models according to the characteristics and advantages of scale, industry, village appearance, cadre allocation and village affairs management according to the general idea of “building one village, driving a batch of others”.We have set standards for the “four talents and two talents”, namely, excellent leadership development, excellent backbone personnel, excellent service functions, excellent system operation, strong economic strength, and strong demonstration drive. We have implemented policies based on different categories and focused our efforts to achieve a string of beads and links, and enhanced the effectiveness of party construction demonstration zones, thus laying a solid foundation for rural revitalization.We will strengthen institutional support and make steady progress.The county will be rural party building demonstration area to create work as a “secretary project”, as the township party secretary catch grassroots party building work on duty and township leadership annual comprehensive evaluation indicators, tamp township party committee catch grassroots party building demonstration area to create responsibility.They take “work report + other + lecture learning” mode, insist on each half on a pre-season training camp, organize relevant functional departments to participate in, listen to the township party secretary and the demonstration village party branch secretary of the construction progress report, the scene view construction schedule, construction difficult problem, urging coordinating to solve, the process of construction.At the same time, the county issued a notice on comprehensively Strengthening the construction of grass-roots Party Building Demonstration Zones, integrating funds and policy resources from functional departments such as rural revitalization, agriculture and rural areas, natural resources and water conservancy to fully tilt toward demonstration villages.Since last year, a total of more than 13 million yuan of project funds from various functional departments have been integrated, and the construction of 80 demonstration villages in the Party construction demonstration area has been promoted.We will promote integrated development and effectively improve it.First, integration with industrial development.The county provides funds and policy support for 16 villages with obvious industrial characteristics and advantages, and builds storage cold storage and processing workshops to further extend the industrial chain of characteristic breeding and breeding industry.In combination with the reform of agricultural industrial structure, the demonstration zones have been built with emphasis on core grain production zones, water-saving demonstration zones, structural adjustment demonstration zones and characteristic planting demonstration zones. More than 23,000 mu of characteristic water-saving crops such as high-oleic acid peanuts, sorghum and millet have been planted in 23 villages.Second, integration with community-level governance.Village “two committees” in their transition as an opportunity to great efforts to promote the demonstration zone in 80 secretary of the village party branch and village committee, director of the full realization of “may”, record of formal schooling, age structure was further optimized, all the establishing and perfecting the “five one” the organizational structure, improve the village matters decided by the village party organization research mechanism, major problem.Third, we need to integrate our efforts with the building of beautiful villages.The county has improved the village’s overall appearance, living environment and people’s happiness by cleaning the streets, painting walls and planting green plants.(Jia Xianyi, Zhao Mingzhan) Source: Hengshui Daily follows Hebei News Network for the latest news in Hebei.