Anhui in February for self-driving place, mountains and fields are plum, jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai a lot of people to go!

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If jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui in February there are suitable for self-driving places, then she County village is definitely on the list!Hello, I am Dajun.Blink of an eye, the Spring Festival passed, spring also quietly came to our side.Although the epidemic is still plaguing us, we still cannot lock our heart to travel.At the beginning of spring, everything comes alive.I decided to climb mount Huangshan when it was snowing heavily.After climbing The Yellow Mountain, it happened to be sunny, so I decided to go to a village in She County.In this village, there is the earliest and most beautiful plum blossom in southern Anhui.This is the flower fishing village, a village that only sells flowers but not fish.Flower selling fishing village, formerly called Hongling Village, is a few kilometers away from she County county.Online introduction, because beautiful scenery known as she County first village, this statement is taken seriously, she County first village has several, compared to, selling flower fishing village than a few others or some gap.Why is this village called flower fishing village?And why only sell flowers and not fish?The whole village is located in the Xin ‘an River valley. The head of the village is pointed like the mouth of a fish, while the middle part of the village is slightly wider like the belly of a fish. The tail of the village is like the scissor tail of a fish, which looks like the shape of a fish from a high altitude.Plus the village name Hong, the meaning of the turbulent water, so called fishing village.And the whole flower selling and fishing village is the most famous is here hui style bonsai, bonsai planting here is said to have a history of one thousand years.In the village, every family will plant bonsai and sell them all over the country. Bonsai here can be regarded as the representative of Hui style bonsai, so it is called flower selling and fishing village.A visit to a flower fishing village in February is, for most people, to see plum blossoms.The plum blossom here is everywhere, can be said to be both spectacular, and very good-looking.In fact, to sell flower fishing village does not need any strategy, follow the navigation can go, as long as the following two points can be paid attention to.The first is to enter the village before 7:30 in the morning, when vehicles can still enter the village.If you arrive late, you have to park in a parking lot far from the village and take a bus into the village.The second is the time to enjoy the plum blossom. I arrived at the flower fishing village on February 5th, and the plum blossom blossomed a little, but it did not reach the best condition. It is estimated that it will take at least 5 to 7 days to reach the best viewing time.The flowering period of plum blossom is not long, and friends who want to go have to know the relevant information in advance.Ok, so much for the flower village.If you want to feel the beauty of southern Anhui landscape, start from flower fishing village!