Guangxi rural property rights transfer transaction information service platform upgraded

2022-05-28 0 By

On April 1, the launch ceremony of guangxi rural property rights transfer and transaction information service platform V2.0 was held in the agricultural information center of the autonomous region.The upgrading of the platform will provide strong support for the standardized operation of the rural property rights transfer and transaction market, and is an important measure to promote the rural revitalization strategy.It is understood that under the guidance of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of the Autonomous Region, the platform is a comprehensive information service platform established by Beibu Gulf Equity Exchange Group in accordance with the “1+N” mode and the “five unified sub-operation mechanism” and applied to all levels of rural property rights transfer and trading center in the whole region.The platform has the functions of unified information release, electronic bidding transaction, unified capital settlement, project whole process management and so on.The platform from the V1.0 after upgrading to V2.0, solve the shortcomings in the course of operation, key in combination with the practical needs of county, township use, promoted trade management system, optimize the door standing group system, the data application system, early warning and supervision, and other functions, a new APP, perfect the management mechanism, improve the transaction process standardization degree,It can better provide technical support for rural property rights transfer and transaction, so that the “one network in the whole area” contact point is deeper and the contact surface is wider.(Reporter Su Chaoguang correspondent Yang Yang)