The Hainan Free Trade Port announced the initial results of several special measures to ease market access

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“People’s Daily overseas edition” (01 month 19th edition). 2022 this newspaper haikou on February 18 (Reuters) (reporter) adopts a more department of hainan province on the 18th at a news conference jointly, introduced on supporting the construction of free trade port in hainan opinions on some special measures to relax market access implementation, and published a number of achievements.In order to significantly relax market access of Hainan Free Trade Port and create a more open, transparent and predictable investment environment, relevant ministries and commissions issued opinions on Several Special Measures to Support the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port and Relax Market Access on April 8, 2021.Twenty-two specific measures have been introduced to support Hainan to take the initiative in five areas, including medical care, finance, culture and education.The initial results of this release cover culture, medicine, new energy infrastructure and other fields.In the cultural field, on January 28, China Hainan International Cultural Relics and Art Trading Center was inaugurated in Sanya, and the first New Year auction (Sanya) was held, covering Chinese painting and calligraphy, Chinese antiques and curios, modern and contemporary art and other special performances.In the field of new energy infrastructure, in order to realize the goal of stopping the sale of oil-fired motor vehicles by 2030, Hainan will create a “one network” operation mode for charging and changing electricity of new energy vehicles across the island, serve the whole electric vehicle industry chain, promote the interconnection of public charging and changing electricity infrastructure across the island, and promote the realization of “one App can travel the whole province”.In the field of medicine, Hainan has explored the first business process of the first provincial electronic prescription center platform in China and launched online prescription drug sales.Recently, the preparation team of Hainan E-prescription Center took the First Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical University as a pilot to explore the circulation of the first e-prescription.In the future, hainan residents will be able to enjoy the medical services of “in-person diagnosis, prescription renewal, online prescription dispensing, nearby medicine delivery home, and online follow-up” as long as they operate online.In the future, the prescription center will also cover all medical institutions in the province and gradually realize national connectivity.