No makeup, no beautiful pupil!The biggest spring recruitment in the history of Shanghai opera

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■ Our reporter Tong Weijing, known as the “most beautiful exam” art exam is about to kick off.According to the implementation plan for the 2022 Spring examination and enrollment of Shanghai Theatre Academy, a total of 60 students will be enrolled from six majors in this year’s spring college entrance examination in Shanghai.The scale of the spring recruitment broke the previous record, both the number of majors and the number of students, at least doubled than last year. The independent test started on March 5.”The art exam should not be a shortcut to further education. We hope to attract students who are truly passionate, ambitious and ambitious about the art field.”Party secretary of Shanghai theater academy tse said in an interview with our reporter, expand for appropriately, can promoting the comprehensive qualities of art students from its source, the dream of high school students with art to provide more opportunities, as well as to promote the development of drama art professional characteristics, further clarify the selection and training of talent localization, art professional disciplines layout optimization.In accordance with the general requirements of the reform of the art examination by the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Opera has been actively exploring scientific and reasonable ways to select and train artistic talents.Xie Wei said that it has long been the persistent pursuit of Shanghai Opera to cultivate “moral integrity, solid foundation, professional excellence and strong practice”, and the selection of students is undoubtedly “the key first step”.Especially since nearly a period of time, cultural circle artists violation, moral anomie, rice circle, such as “flow” swirling negative news caused a great social repercussions, details of literary and art workers YiDe by public opinion, to cultivate talents for the performing arts of colleges and universities, warning significance without doubt.According to play on the admissions office to sign up for the spring in Shanghai in 2022 the university entrance exam examinee, play on specific admissions professional and plan includes: six drama, film and television literature, performing (drama film and television) five, 20 art management, seven in the painting, animation 10, 12, digital media art in various professional eductional systme is four years.Only in the acting (drama film and television) professional qualification examination, other majors do not set up.The six majors that participate in spring Recruitment all have independent college tests.For example, the independent test of performance (drama and film) is a comprehensive test of professional quality, which comprehensively examines the vocal music, lines, physique and performance of the examinee. The form of performance subject test is propositional improvisation performance.In addition, vocal music, lines, body also has the form of impromptu assessment.The related person in charge of the admission office of the play introduced to reporters that candidates must wear dark tight-fitting practice clothes and dancing shoes, not allowed to wear skirts or costumes, not allowed to make up, wear beautiful pupil;Candidates do not wear glasses, should be bound hair, no bangs cover the forehead image to take the exam.”Simple, dare to show the most true self, is the first test they need to face.”Xie wei said that only a new generation of performers with healthy artistic concepts and excellent overall quality can support the future of Chinese screen and stage.In addition, “the best test” will usher in the “most YanYiKao” requirements, play huashan road campus on the exam and hou examination rooms are for the whole video recording the standardization of the classroom, manages in over the discipline inspection commission under the supervision of the examinee exam order random lottery, exam candidates shall be carried out in accordance with the order, the examination that day, test process disc to save for future reference.