Sweet sugar tangerine becomes rich fruit for villagers

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On January 30, rows of orange trees covered with anti-cold cloth look like a long white “dragon” at the sugar orange planting base in Guanghua Village, Shanshanjie Street, Jiangxia district, Wuhan city.Zhang Chao, general manager of wuhan Baiguoguan Fruit Company, and Fu Kaihua, the village party secretary, walk through the planting base to check whether the cold sheets are covered properly.”It looks like the fruit trees will survive this winter.”Zhang Chao.This is a new type of cold proof cloth, which is breathable and waterproof, and has better insulation effect.In the base of one thousand mu, the cold-proof cloth alone cost more than 800,000 yuan, which can be used for three or four years.Zhang Chao, 37, is from Guangxi.This Spring Festival, he did not return to his hometown, but chose to stay in Wuhan.”I want to celebrate the New Year with the orange tree, so I can feel at ease.”Pile with said.Five years ago, Zhang chose a foreign country to start his own business, growing sugar tangerines.”I call it ‘little star orange’.The citrus in Jiangxia district itself is quite well-known in Hubei province. I hope to promote jiangxia citrus brand. ‘Xiaoxinggan’ is homonym for ‘xiaoxingan’, I want people to remember the name as soon as they hear it.”Pile with said.After nearly 5 years of development, the base planted the first batch of sugar orange into the harvest this year, the second batch of sugar orange also began to hang fruit, the total output is expected to exceed 500,000 kilograms this year, the planting base is expected to begin to profit.Sweet sugar orange, became guanghua village out of poverty to increase the income of the “golden fruit”.According to Fu kaihua, a total of 17 people from the village are working at zhang’s citrus planting base, responsible for maintenance of fruit trees.Ren And her husband used to work outside the city.After returning to their hometown in 2017, the couple became base employees with an annual income of 60,000 yuan.”Working in front of our home, getting paid on time and taking care of our children at school, we are content.”Ren Said.In addition to selling sugar tangerines online and through wholesalers, Mr. Zhang plans to open 50 direct-sale stores in Wuhan this year.He will also produce orange wine to add value to sugar tangerines.Extreme news reporters see the scene, at the end of the orchard, more than 2000 square meters of sorting plant up.Automatic cleaning and sorting production lines will be installed in the plant, and cold storage will be built until the oranges are ready for use in October.A site 500 meters away from the sorting plant has been leveled and the orange distillery will be built after the Spring Festival.In the coming years, Zhang plans to continue transferring land and improve the industrial chain from planting, fruit selection and refrigeration to packaging, logistics and sales.”Rural vitalization is supported by industry.”Fu kaihua said.Only industrial development can bring long-term measures to stabilize poverty alleviation and increase farmers’ income.The village will strive to do a good job in providing services to help enterprises grow and expand so that more villagers can share the fruits of development.Source: Chutian Metropolis Daily