The Golden Triangle is the place that sells drugs to produce drugs drugs most, each country why not joint control

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Since the 1950s, the Golden Triangle has become the birthplace of drugs, and it has also become the place where violent people live. The harm of drugs, we all know and we all have seen the propaganda, drugs are very harmful to people. The Golden Triangle was born in the 19th century, and it buys a lot of labor.After world War II, the Korean army fled to the Golden Triangle and established the Armed forces with the support of the United States.Trained kunsha, Luo Xinghan, and other leaders.In the mid-1950s, when Li Mi’s forces withdrew, the Golden Triangle became politically meaningless and a drug-producing area controlled by warlords.There are several main reasons why the Triangle has survived today.Golden Triangle geographical location, special three regardless of the zone.The mountains are always wet.It’s hard to get around, it’s hard to defend and it’s not easy to stand up to other countries and try to get rid of it. The benefits of drugs are huge.So they took the risk.In 2021, China’s public security will launch joint anti-drug operations with other countries, set up front headquarters at the border, and capture 150 fugitives from drug lords.There were more than 4,000 fugitives.Destroyed 4 drug processing factories, 5 drug warehouses, seized 180 tons of all kinds of drugs.Form a strong deterrent.Ensure the safety of compatriots, sentencing, more serious fixed-term imprisonment death penalty and so on!