The Spring Festival held no money, see the Lantern Festival shelves skin, just know that after all, hide but to break fortune

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It is said that the first lunar month is the New Year, but as we all know, with the rapid development of society, now we basically stay at home until the third day, and the fourth day should run out.So now the New Year is almost the same day and the first, second day of the Spring Festival.During the Spring Festival, we saw a lot of skins on the official shelves. Of course, there are some small skins for the benefit of 6 yuan, but the highlight is definitely the year of the Tiger limited skin and the glory of the skin collection.With such a large number of skins, and the various official replenishment rebates available, many players eventually succumb to the temptation and end up replenishment at some point in the game.After all, with so many skins available, there’s always one you can use.Of course, some players already know that there will be a lot of official skins during the Spring Festival, so he resisted the temptation and did not recharge.After all, we all know that recharge in the game will depreciate sooner or later. Most of the time, the skin on the shelf will be purchased by itself, but it won’t be put into the warehouse for several times.The skin that thinks this Spring Festival shelves originally, besides buy a few cheaper skin besides 6 yuan, other skin did not buy, be to avoid this one rob.But HOW can I say you are too happy too early, because the welfare of the Spring Festival is really over, but there is still the opportunity to put on the skin.I think everyone should have points in mind, that is the Lantern Festival and Valentine’s Day.Because the Spring Festival falls earlier this year, the Lantern Festival and Valentine’s Day fall together.Valentine’s Day falls on February 14 and Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month.100% of the skin that will be on display on Valentine’s Day is definitely the skin that will be on display on Valentine’s Day.Last year, four official valentine’s Day skins hit the shelves, one on Feb. 14 and one on May 20.And judging by the official pattern of skin hits shelves last year, there’s a good chance that this year’s Valentine’s Day limited skin hits shelves will also be a pair of legend skins.And get valentine’s Day limited skin hero is Yaoyao princess and Yunzhong Jun, which Yaoyao princess get legend skin will be accompanied by a star legend skin.As for why, I think everyone in mind should also have a little bit of understanding.This is not the first time that the Monkey King has launched the legend skin. Last year, when the Monkey King launched the Legend skin, it also updated the legend skin.Have you found something in common? Whether it is Sun Wukong or Princess Yaoyao, they are all popular in the game.If the skin of Sun Wukong sells second in the game, then Princess Yaoyao’s skin is definitely the sales ceiling.I can even say that the sales of skin on valentine’s Day are definitely more than the sales of skin on Spring Festival.After Valentine’s Day comes The Lantern Festival. There are two special skin restrictions on Valentine’s Day, and the Lantern Festival will also have special skin restrictions.According to the current news, the shelves of the skin should be a nuwa skin, at the same time the Lantern Festival should also be on the shelves of a glory of the skin, so it seems that the number of valentine’s day and Lantern Festival shelves of the skin no less than the number of Spring Festival shelves of the skin.To put it another way, you spend more money on the Lantern Festival than you spend on the Spring Festival, and there are not as many welfare activities for the Lantern Festival as there are for the Spring Festival.I want to remind you that if you refrained from making any purchases during the Spring Festival, I hope you can keep your original intentions for the Lantern Festival.