Traore make some, Phelan.Torres missed four goals as Barca drew 1-1 at home with Napoli

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Just finished in the Europa League play-off game, Barcelona 1-1 at home to Napoli.One, Barca started the new trident and Torres was rubbish in the first half.This game, Kingman sent phelan.Torrance, Aubameyang and Traore all started from the winter window.Overall, Trident’s performance was moderate.In attack, Aubameyang and Traore were basically normal, aubameyang’s movement, handling and passing were all of a standard, Aubameyang was still unbeatable on the wings, and even his much-maltreated crosses continued to succeed.However, Ferran Torres was rubbish, wasting Barcelona’s two best scoring chances in the first half.In the 27th minute, Torres missed a good chance after a long build-up and, more importantly, Napoli hit back with two successive strikes from Zelinski.The goal proved, on the one hand, that squandering an opportunity would surely be punished, and on the other, that even if Xavi had his eye on the ball, half of the $55 million he spent on Torres was blind.Second, the midfield out of control and trident wandering in defense, is the first half Barca conceded goals and passive reasons.Throughout the first half, Although Barca still had nearly 70 per cent possession, Napoli had three shots on target and one goal in an efficient performance.In fact, there are two reasons for Barca’s conceding and passivity in the first half. First, the trident of the front line is basically free from the defense system of the whole team. This is because of the playing style, because the Catalan Derby a few days ago, for Barca’s consumption is not small.Second, Barca is led by Pedrie luc.The midfield of Nigel de Jong and Nico has been completely overwhelmed by napoli’s midfield, which has been a fundamental problem for Barca this season.Third, barca’s high pressure in the first 15 minutes of the second half made Napoli unable to adapt and caused the goal to be conceded.In the second half xavi had trident in the thick of the action and napoli were more passive in the first 15 minutes of the second half than they were in the first 10.Torres equalised in the 57th minute when The VAR intervened after Traore’s cross caused Jesus to handball.After the goal Xavi replaced Traore, replaced dembele, although the Nou Camp booed, but had to admit that Dembele was clearly superior to Traore.Barcelona have taken control of the field.Napoli were infinitely close to conceding a second goal.But, in the 87th and 91st minutes, Phelan.Torres squandered his chances again and after a series of team efforts, torres’ volley was bound to score.Enrique’s eyes were all doubtful.Third, how to rationally view the changes of Barca under Xavi.Barcelona have changed a lot under Xavi compared to Koeman.On the one hand, because of xavi’s pure La Mesian background, xavi has the absolute support of Joan laporta, so we have seen the continuous entry of Barcelona winter window.Xavi’s style of play, on the other hand, is clearly more realistic. Barcelona now have a strong emphasis on attacking from the wings, which is why xavi was so keen to keep Dembele and quickly brought in the likes of Traore and Aubameyang after failing to get a commitment.Even at the beginning of the first half, there was a two-foot cross from a 45-degree Angle, something that Barcelona has rarely seen in the last decade or so.In the final moments of the second half, Barca was xavi’s ideal barca, dembele’s sharp penetration from the wing, Luc.De Jong’s fulcrum in the centre, plus a back plug to follow the midfielders.It is clear that barca’s future players will be promoted soon in the summer window.This is the limit of what this lineup can do.