76.6 Years Life expectancy in the US in 2021 is at its lowest in 25 years

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A new report shows that life expectancy in the United States dropped to 76.6 years in 2021, the lowest level in at least 25 years, CNN and others reported On Tuesday.A study published Thursday (April 7) on medRxiv, an online resource for medical research, says the average life expectancy in the United States dropped 0.4 years in 2021, after dropping nearly 1.9 years in 2020.On average, life expectancy in the United States changed by less than 0.1 years per year in the decade before the coronavirus pandemic, according to the CENTERS for Disease Control and Prevention.Dr. Steven Woolf, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, said it speaks volumes about the lack of effective measures to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic in the United States.He added that many of those who died were in the prime of their lives, contributing to a drop in overall life expectancy in the United States to 76.6 years, the lowest level in at least 25 years.”It’s a shame for the United States,” said Noreen Goldman, a demographer at Princeton University.We have done so badly in this pandemic.I think it’s shameful.”The researchers analyzed death data from the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, the Human Mortality Database and other international statistical agencies.Surprisingly, while the decline in life expectancy in the United States in 2020 hit blacks and Hispanics the hardest, the same was not true in 2021, the analysis found.Life expectancy for Hispanics did not change significantly between 2020 and 2021, while life expectancy for blacks actually rose slightly.In contrast, life expectancy fell by about 0.3 years for whites, mostly white men.”So what this tells us is that the continued decline in life expectancy in 2021 is mainly due to deaths in the white population,” Woolf said.It’s not clear why this happens, but Woolf and others suggest it may be partly because whites are more likely to live in states with fewer restrictions, so they further let their guard down and often refuse to get vaccinated.The analysis also found that the decline in life expectancy in the US in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic widened the existing gap between the US and other high-income countries.The analysis shows that average life expectancy in countries such as the UK, France and Germany fell by only about 0.5 years in 2020 and actually increased by about 0.3 years in 2021.As a result, the gap between the United States and these countries has grown from more than three years in 2019 to more than five years in 2021.Researchers say this is mainly due to low vaccination rates in the United States.Much of this is due to reduced outbreak restrictions and vaccine hesitancy in the United States, which has led to lower vaccination rates and higher deaths.The researchers also said the prevalence of other health problems such as diabetes and obesity also played a role.Upstream news compiled by Jiang Mingjing