In response to the demand for salary, senior management: Hao Junmin issued a false document, wuhan team renamed, encourage players to reduce wages

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Wuhan Football Team’s collective wage dispute has put the team at the center of controversy. Wuhan Football Team also reacted quickly in the official release of “Instructions and Statements on the adjustment of football investment”.One of the key points in this response was that wuhan changed its name to Wuhan Changjiang, which was actually quite surprising.Last season Wuhan team became the neutral name of the team, this season the city team Wuhan Sanzhen Chong Chao, wuhan Yangtze River team name reason is to not affect the reputation of the city because of results, and for the fairness of the city team.Regarding the players to negotiate salary Wuhan team is said that after the team is assembled will cash last season’s salary, and to encourage the players to reduce wages, there is no doubt that this is a hint that the team will reduce input.Chinese Super League new season will enter into a comprehensive salary reduction, Guangzhou team took the lead in issuing a maximum salary of 600,000 regulations, this is undoubtedly to the Super team to open a first, there will be other teams to follow suit, Wuhan team will also reduce salary.In this round of salary negotiation, all the players who joined the team last season have a relatively high salary level, not to mention hao Junmin’s return to his hometown team.Wuhan team now said that they hope the players to reduce their salaries, obviously this situation is difficult for players to accept, but also confirmed that the team does have the problem of unpaid wages.This official statement of Wuhan team also indicates the team’s goal of the new season, first of all, the investment will not be too big, the achievement target will not be too high, the successive departure of foreign players is a start of wuhan team to change the operation mode.In fact, last season wuhan team’s recruitment is very big, the coach found Li Xiaopeng, and set up a strong coaching staff.Internal aid also introduced Yang Boyu, Zhao Hongllo, and Hao Junmin and other powerful players, originally thought wuhan team ready to do a big.But wuhan last season started the record is very mediocre, the team said in the statement that the team will also put emphasis on youth training in the future.This is not a good signal for Wuhan team, and for unpaid Wuhan team senior management said that Hao Junmin’s document is not true.According to the “cover news” reporter revealed that the salaries of the wuhan team’s top players have been paid, and there are differences in some bonus aspects, and that the unilateral voice of the players is inappropriate.The new season city rival Wuhan three towns has been a large sum of money, the team officially announced three foreign aid to join, and the strength is not general.Wuhan team will face great pressure in the new season, fans are likely to be separated by wuhan three towns.Wuhan team’s statement also caused a lot of controversy, fans think that should be quick to return the money.At present wuhan team has not opened the winter training, the team is facing a lot of problems, the first is to pay back the money, and then also talk about salary reduction with high salary players.The head coach Li Jinyu is now the assistant coach of Li Xiaopeng. The coach of Wuhan team in the new season has not been determined yet, and the foreign players have left the team, so it is not easy to avoid relegation.Wuhan team last season winter met zhou Tong and other players for salary, this time repeat mistakes, the team should reflect on anyway, wuhan team two teams in the future, Wuhan also needs to stabilize.