Qinzhou city adopted multiple measures to promote the classification of household garbage

2022-05-30 0 By

In 2021, the domestic waste classification work in Qinzhou city has been promoted steadily and orderly according to the original plan in terms of strengthening publicity and improving facilities and equipment, and achieved remarkable results.In the national municipal solid waste classification assessment (the third quarter) organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development for the first time, qinzhou municipal solid waste classification ranked seventh among 124 small cities in the second grade nationwide.In 2021, “three teams” of garbage classification speakers, supervisors and volunteers will be set up to carry out more than 50 garbage classification publicity activities in communities, shopping malls, campuses and public institutions, and distribute more than 20,000 garbage classification release guidelines.Media advantages into full play, through the qinzhou television station, the qinzhou city mainstream media, such as the daily newspaper, the news at half past nine propaganda of more than 60 times, guangxi daily at the provincial level, such as the mainstream media reported four times, municipal TV channels broadcast public service ads 4 they sort the garbage, broadcast number 1750 TiaoCi, rolling news go 1 the word propaganda, total broadcast a total of more than 9700 times.Through the production of vivid garbage classification propaganda videos, rolling display in bus kiosks, parks, shopping malls, public institutions LED screens, to create a strong atmosphere of public opinion.With the garbage classification propaganda and education base as the carrier, 42 public institutions have been organized to visit and study in the propaganda and education base through entertainment and interactive experience, so as to continuously improve the awareness rate, participation rate and accuracy rate of garbage classification among cadres and workers.In 2021, a total of 360 public institutions and 578 public places in the city have been equipped with garbage sorting and collection containers, and 504 garbage sorting and dropping points have been set up in residential areas in the main urban area.To upgrade and transform 264 garbage classification and collection stations, effectively solve the problems of unreasonable layout and location of garbage classification and collection stations, not convenient enough, and low construction standards;106 garbage collection vehicles were purchased, and more than 140 garbage sorting buckets damaged on urban main roads were replaced in a timely manner.Improve garbage classification facilities and equipment according to local conditions to facilitate the practice of garbage classification for citizens.Third, the regular evaluation, classification work the ground effect Conduct “qinzhou city living garbage classification management method”, the assessment of qinzhou city life garbage sorting work tentative method “, such as trash classification work into the performance evaluation system, as a key way, according to the quarterly frequency of public institutions in the city, the county garbage classification assessment work,We will promote the implementation and effectiveness of various measures for garbage classification.Fourth, the party leading, classification “run” new achievements To lead the “green” “red”, forming a “party members to participate in + learning + linkage communities” model, and the “three will be a lesson” mutual confluence, garbage classification should be brought into the party member cadre study content, strengthen the party member cadre responsibility, lead by example, take the lead in implementing garbage classification;To the community, will be closely linked to party members and cadres and the masses, active play to the cutting edge exemplary role of party members, combined with “thematic party day”, “double registration and double service”, “I get things done for the populace”, supervisor for a day “, “garbage classification, party members” and other activities, into the community to carry out the garbage sorting volunteer service activities, mobilize the masses to participate in the enthusiasm of the garbage sorting,Help the masses really learn classification, help garbage classification work “run” new achievements.