Zhaotong Culture Lecture Hall opened

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On December 27th, zhaotong Culture Lecture Hall opened in the municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and zhaotong added another cultural learning and exchange platform.The municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism invited Professor Fu Xiangji, dean of School of Geography and Tourism, Zhaotong University, to give a special lecture.Centering on the theme of “The influence of Zhaotong geography, popularity and regional cultural context on tourism”, this paper gives a wonderful narration from six aspects, such as the cultural geographical attribute of tourism, the geographical connection of Zhaotong tourism and the unique regional culture.Yang Yunbiao, Publicity and Communication Department of Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau: By listening to Teacher Fu’s lecture, we can understand Zhaotong from a higher level, from our location advantages, history and culture, as well as our regional context, which plays a good role in promoting the promotion of zhaotong cultural tourism in the future.Min Yuji, deputy leader of the cultural market Comprehensive Administrative Law enforcement Team of municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau: Professor Fu talked about zhaotong culture in depth from its popularity, geography and industrial relationship, which made me feel deeply and harvested a lot.In the future publicity and marketing work, we will strengthen publicity to let more people know zhaotong’s culture, history, scenery, style and customs.Zhaotong Culture Lecture Hall is sponsored by zhaotong Culture and Tourism Bureau and undertaken by Zhaotong Culture Center. It is held in Zhaotong Culture and Tourism Bureau at 7:00 PM on Monday in the last week of each month. It mainly talks about culture, tourism and historical geography, providing a platform for cultural exchange and learning.Small advertising special management report telephone municipal network letter office, contact: Hu Zuwei telephone: 0870-2159980;City public security bureau, contact: waley, telephone zhaoyang district law enforcement agency, contact: Zhao Zebo phone source | zhaotong Xue Guiyuan Min times review | NiNa edit | | contact 0870-2153979 toward the platform high author/source: zhaotong station announcement: the copyright shall belong to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.