0-17!The heat continue to lead the Eastern Conference with lavine 33+5

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The Chicago Bulls beat the Miami Heat in the NBA regular-season matchup at 8:00 am (Beijing time) on April 3.Entering the game, the Bulls were ranked fifth in the Eastern Conference with a 45-32 record and the Heat first with a 49-28 record.The teams have met three times this season, with the Heat winning all three games.The bulls have had some ups and downs heading into the final stretch of the regular season. As the dark horses of the Eastern Conference, the Bulls, like the Heat, have been the no. 1 team for a while, but the bulls have not been able to hold their own, falling out of the top tier of the conference for a while.They lack playoff experience compared to the Heat, who reached the Finals two years ago in the 19-20 season., of course, there’s little doubt that the strength of the bulls is sure to be reckoned with, and they have three all-star players, lavin, demar derozan and wu, demar derozan joining for the bulls gives a new vitality, this season, demar derozan can get 28.0 points and 5.3 rebounds, 5.0 assists, has replaced the pull chengdu first equinoctial the punishment to the team.The Heat, on the other side of the table, are as good as they are at clinching the Top spot in the Eastern Conference. Their core of Butler and Adebayor has provided the foundation for the team to win, and the rise of Hero has also been a major factor in Miami’s rise to the top of the Eastern Conference. Hero is averaging 20.6 points, 4.9 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game this season.Coming off the bench and averaging 20+ points per game is a scary thing.For this game, the starting lineups are lowry, Adebayor, Butler, Struth and PJ Tucker for the Heat, and Caruso, Dotham, derozan, lavine and Vucevic for the Bulls.In the first section starts, adebayor jump ball wins, Miami was the first to get the ball, tuck and toss it takes scored the first goal the match, wu has cut the basket sat playing get response, after Sam catch more suitable step baskets, lavin to pick back step three successful firm, the bulls start attacking state is pretty good, attacking a wave 8-2 run.Lowry and Adebayor scored 4 points in a row, Lavine hit a 3-pointer from the outside, adebayor stepped back from the midrange shot, the two teams opened the attack mode, the score is still very fierce.The Heat started to take the lead midway through the first quarter, but the Bulls rallied behind Vucevic and Dotham for a 31-30 lead.Second quarter began, Mr Hiro three-point attempts to cast a, an arrow through the heart, demar derozan immediately respond with perimeter, butler back into 2 + 1, or the heat side of the offensive efficiency, as butler continuous breakthrough the basket layup get stronger, heat control again, obtained 5 points ahead.On the Bulls side, derozan, who has always been stable, was out of touch in the game. In the second quarter, he shot 1 of 7. Vucevic’s offensive desire was not strong, but lavine was in the middle range to help the Bulls narrow the deficit.The second half began, easy to fight again, the heat in the third quarter, the game continued to expand the lead, the bull’s offensive efficiency is low, adebayor screw inside area, lowry in combination can score in a variety of ways, although Mr Hiro at the three-point line within a not into, but outside the three-point line, almost in three game out,The two teams were within 20 points, with the Heat leading the Bulls by 19 points, 98-79.The Bulls rallied offensively in the final quarter, but they couldn’t stop the Heat, who led by 20 points until the end of the game, beating the Bulls 127-109 to retain their grip on the top spot in the Eastern Conference.It’s worth noting that the Heat are the only team in the league to win over.500 every month so far this regular season.The Bulls are the league’s best team, going 2-19 against the top eight teams and 0-17 against the top three teams in the war zone.Statistically, Kyle Lowry had 19 points and 10 assists for the Heat.Jimmy Butler had 22 points, seven rebounds and six assists;Bam Adebayor had 16 points and seven rebounds;Max Struth, 10;Dwyane Dedmon had 14 points and five rebounds;Tyler Schiro had 19 points and eight rebounds.For the Bulls, Zach lavine had 33 points and five rebounds.Demar derozan with 26 points;Nikola Vucevic had 12 points, 10 rebounds and five assists;Patrick Williams had 12 points and six rebounds;Ayo Dotham had 11 points, three rebounds and four assists.