Green Council Chemicals Working Group’s revision of technical Specification for pollution Control of chromium-containing leather waste | think tank

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The General Office of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment recently solicited public opinions on the national ecological environmental standard “Technical Specification for Pollution Control of chromium-containing leather waste (draft)”.The Chemical Working Group of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (” China Green Development Foundation “, “Green Development Foundation”) actively responded to the call and actively played the function of policy advice, hereby submit the following opinions on the technical Specification for Pollution Control of Chromium-containing Leather Waste (Draft for Comments) (000014672/2021-01093), which was released for the first time.For the reference of Ministry of Ecology and Environment, chief editor department, organization unit, drafting/undertaking unit.Recommendation 1: Add (not included in the original document) the storage, transfer, utilization and disposal of chromium containing leather wastes stored in historical storage in accordance with this standard.Recommendation 2: (missing) Add the following definitions: collection, transfer, incineration, landfill.4.6 Environmental impact assessment shall be carried out on closed historical chromium-containing leather wastes for reuse or disposal, and pollution control shall be carried out in the process of collection, storage, transfer and utilization and disposal in accordance with this Standard.Recommendation 4: (Modify) The original 5.4 text should fully consider the diversity of transport vehicles and measures to prevent secondary pollution.Transport vehicles containing chromium leather waste, including conveyor belts and transport vehicles, should be equipped with anti-rain and snow, anti-leakage, anti-scattering and other functions and measures to prevent secondary pollution to the environment in the transport process.The transport vehicle should be washed before coming out, and the cleaning liquid should be recycled.Recommendation 5: add 6.4 In the process of utilization and disposal of chromium-containing leather wastes, in addition to the requirements of environmental protection, they should also meet the requirements of national regulations and standards on production safety, occupational health, transportation and fire protection.Recommendation 6: (Modified) Add ledger content: disposal time.Recommendation 7 :(none) add g) interprovincial transfer of chrome-containing leather waste should strictly comply with the requirements for approval and filing of interprovincial transfer of solid waste.Recommendation 8: Supplementary references It is recommended to add the Assessment Standard for Risk Management and Control of Heavy Metal Pollution in Soil of Construction Land issued by China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation to the reference.It is the latest development of a series of global environmental governance launched by THE International Department of China Green Development Council to promote China’s deep participation in global environmental governance.Organize /Lucy review/green