Haozhi electromechanical boss was detained!Ye Fei disclosed that he was doing market value management, and his brother and sister reduced their holdings by nearly 300 million yuan

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You’re gonna have to pay me back.Author | Liang Chunfu editor 丨 CAI true source | mustang titiyeah financial report explosive type “value management” the aftermath of the event has continued into 2022, and a real listed companies accused of being detained.On the evening of January 23, Haozhi Mechanical and Electrical (300503.SZ) disclosed that it recently received a notice of detention issued by the Public Security Bureau of Jinhua city, the company’s real controller Tang Xiuqing was detained.Related matters are pending further investigation by the public security organs.Earlier, Tang xiuqing and xiao Yonglin, the company’s chief financial officer, had been placed under residential surveillance by the Jinhua Public Security Bureau on suspicion of manipulating securities and futures markets.Tang Xiuqing from surveillance living upgrade to detention, which also means that the case made significant progress.When it comes to haozhi Mechanical and Electrical co., LTD. ‘s real controller being detained, it can be traced back to a series of Revelations made by ye Fei, a private fund manager, last year.In May 2021, Ye Fei broke the news that 12 listed companies such as Zhongyuan Home furnishing conspired with the plate side to carry out “market value management”, the A-share market was set off huge waves, and Haozhi Electromechanical was one of the 12 listed companies named by Ye Fei.Soon, Haozhi received a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, asking whether there is collusion with a third party and manipulation of the company’s share price, holdings and other situations.However, with Oriental fashion, city and several companies such as Xiangjiang quickly clarify different, Haozhi electromechanical said to delay the reply to the letter of concern of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, but so far, the company has not replied.On September 24 last year, the CSRC disclosed that relevant personnel were suspected of manipulating “Nanling Civil Explosion” “Jinchuang Group” “Haozhi Mechanical and electrical” stock price case made significant progress.After investigation, since 2019, Liu Long gang, Yan gang suspected through continuous trading, inverted and other ways, respectively manipulation of “Haozhi Mechanical and electrical” and other stock prices, involving a huge amount of money.On September 26, 2021, China Securities Regulatory Commission decided to file a case against Tang Xiuqing on suspicion of manipulating the securities market.Meanwhile, Tang xiuqing’s 9 million haozhi shares, accounting for 2.94 percent of the company’s total share capital, were frozen by jinhua Municipal public Security Bureau.In December 2021, Tang Xiuqing and Xiao Yonglin were placed under residential surveillance.In January 2022, Tang Xiuqing was transferred from residential surveillance to criminal detention, while Xiao Yonglin is currently on bail pending trial.Information shows that Tang Xiuqing was born in December 1973, since the establishment of the company, has been haozhi mechanical and electrical vice chairman, general manager, chairman of the board and other positions.Xiao Yonglin was born in April 1979 and graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law with an EMBA. He has been working as the deputy General Manager, secretary of the Board and Chief Financial Officer of Haozhi Since July 2011.Because tang Xiuqing and Xiao Yonglin were monitored before living, Hao Zhi electromechanical chairman Tang Lijun on behalf of the secretary, financial director, and the company’s director, deputy general manager Lei Qun on behalf of the vice chairman, general manager duties.Equity relationship shows that as of the end of September 2021, the largest, second largest and third largest shareholders of Haozhi Electromechanical are Tang Xiuqing, Tang Lijun and Guangxi Haoju Enterprise Management Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Guangxi Haoju”), holding 28.34%, 9.19% and 3.62%, respectively.In addition, Haozhi electromechanical top ten shareholders, there is a tang surname, tang Xiusong, ranked the seventh largest shareholder, holding 2.18%.Haozhi mechanical and electrical disclosure in the past, Tang Lijun, Tang Xiuqing and Tang Xiusong, tang Lijun is tang Xiusong and Tang Xiuqing’s sister, Tang Xiusong is Tang Xiuqing’s brother.Tang Xiuqing also controls guangxi Haoju, the third largest shareholder, from which tang’s three siblings control 43.33% of Haozhi electromechanical shares.By the end of January 24, Haozhi electromechanical shares at 12.02 yuan/share, the total market value of 3.7 billion yuan, the company’s latest shareholder number of 27,600 households.According to the previous notice of the CSRC, since 2019, related groups are suspected of manipulating the haozhi Electromechanical stock price through continuous trading, inverse and other ways, involving a huge amount of money, but did not disclose the specific time.Looking back, haozhi’s share price started from 8 yuan/share in mid-2019 and rose to 21 yuan/share in November 2020 in one and a half years, with a cumulative increase of more than 150%.During this period, Tang Xiuqing and her cooperator Guangxi Haoju and associate Tang Lijun continued to reduce their holdings from February 2020, cashed in hundreds of millions of yuan.On February 5, 2020, Haozhi Electromechanical announced that it had received tang Xiuqing, guangxi Haoju, a shareholder holding more than 5% of the shares, and Tang Lijun issued a letter of notification of the reduction plan.Among them, Tang Xiuqing intends to reduce the holding of not more than 8,519,600 shares, that is, not more than 3% of the total share capital of the company;Guangxi Haoju intends to reduce its holdings by no more than 5.3071 million shares, which does not exceed 1.87% of the total share capital.Tang lijun intends to reduce the holding of not more than 6.7891 million shares, that is, not more than 2.39% of the total share capital.Among them, Tang Xiuqing and Tang Lijun plan to reduce their holdings by financing repayment and personal fund arrangement;Guangxi Haoju is the company’s business needs to reduce holdings.Therefore, from February 12, 2020 to February 17, 2020, Tang Xiuqing reduced his holding of 3.21 million shares through block trading, accounting for 1.13% of the total share capital of the company.At that time, the company’s share price was around 11 yuan per share, and Tang xiuqing cashed out about 35.31 million yuan.On August 26, 2020, the company released a pre-disclosure announcement on the reduction of its holdings. Guangxi Haoju planned to reduce its holdings by about 4.28 million shares, while Tang Lijun planned to reduce its holdings by no more than 2 million shares.In addition, the company’s executives Xiao Yonglin, Lei Qun and other plans to reduce holdings.At this time, Haozhi electromechanical share price has come to 17 yuan/share.It is worth noting that Haozhi’s stock price suddenly collapsed in the afternoon of December 8, 2020. On that day, it fell by the 20% limit. The next day, it plunged by more than 13% again, and the stock price fell from the peak of 18.4 yuan/share to 9.23 yuan/share on January 13, 2021, almost halved.Haozhi mechanical and electrical then on the sudden plunge in the announcement that the company’s business is normal, there should be disclosed but not disclosed information.Thus, Haozhi mechanical and electrical was once questioned by the outside world as “killing pig dish”.The stock price mysteriously plummeted, And Guangxi Haoju controlled by Tang Xiuqing did not stop its pace of reducing its holdings. From December 29, 2020 to January 6, 2021, a total of 2.5705 million shares of Haozhi Electromechanical holdings were reduced.In addition, Qingdao Changrong investment, Shanghai Tongyi investment, Shanghai yingshui investment and other private equity institutions have retreated from Haozhi Electromechanical.On April 22, 2021, after the massive withdrawal of shareholders, Haozhi Issued a private placement announcement, raising 221 million yuan, the issue price is 10.03 yuan/share.The issuing objects are Anji Heze Management Consulting Partnership (limited partnership), Guangdong Zhanfu Asset Management Co., LTD. – Zhanfu Long and No.1 private Equity Securities Investment Fund, anji Meihua Economic Consulting Partnership (limited partnership).It is obvious that the flash collapse in December 2020, in fact, the Haozhi mechanical and electrical price increase.In May 2021, Ye publicly called Haozhi Electromechanical on weibo and asked: “Have you forgotten the list of shareholders?Do you know Beijing Lao Fang?Last December how to fall so miserably, the arrangement who receive dish I don’t know?”By the end of September 2021, Tang Xiuqing’s shareholding ratio dropped from 32.52% at the end of 2019 to 28.34%, Guangxi Haoju’s shareholding ratio dropped from 7.48% to 3.62%, Tang Lijun’s shareholding ratio dropped from 9.56% to 9.19%, tang Xiusong’s shareholding ratio dropped from 2.35% to 1.98%, a total reduction of 8.78 percentage points.The cash amount is nearly 300 million yuan.What Ye calls “market value management”, the practice of manipulating stock prices with outside funds to achieve specific goals.Specifically, listed companies and the secondary market collude with each other to manipulate stock prices with capital and information advantages and form a coordinated industry. Special personnel are responsible for information disclosure, distribution scheme, seller analyst research report and capital trading, which seriously damages the interests of investors.A senior fund said that most of the stocks involved in market value management are small market value companies under 5 billion yuan, and these small market value companies due to the circulation of market value is too small, the stock price is easy to be manipulated.These stock sit zhuang, participant basically is to appear on the market big shareholder of company, dish namely banker, middleman, receive dish square to wait, majority acts as banker by private placement fund.In this secret business chain, the listed company can play an “important role”, it is to disclose insider information to the banker, let the external capital enter at a low price, 2 it is to appear on the market better to cooperate with analysts to issue research reports, cooperate with the release of good news, pull up the stock price to facilitate the high banker shipment.In the case of the participation of listed companies, the actual controller and important shareholders are mostly involved.Titiyeah after the fact, again with the management on capital market Yang Zhen with capital intermediary Xu Yafei Dui, in 2022, about the China and Thailand before the securities chief strategist at Jackie chan was caught shocked the industry, network transmission, Jackie chan by a small group more than 20 people, teamed up with hot money speculation stocks, has all be caught.With the exposure of stock manipulation events that have attracted high attention of the market, the “chain of ownership” has gradually become public, and the manipulation of stock prices by means of market value management has also been strictly controlled.Yi Huiman, chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), said: “For pseudo market value management”, “China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has always maintained a ‘zero tolerance’ situation, on the interest chain of relevant parties, no matter who is involved, once verified, will be strictly and severely dealt with and promptly disclosed to the market.”Source:Securities regulatory commission public on July 6, 2021, my, state jointly issued “about to crack down on illegal securities activities strictly in accordance with the opinion”, clear classification regulation, accurate, fast action to investigate and punish strictly in accordance with the law of fraud issue, false statement, market manipulation, insider trading, the use of nonpublic information transaction and fabricating, spreading false information and other major illegal cases,Strengthen the accountability of controlling shareholders and actual controllers of issuers, illegal intermediaries and their employees.In response to a report by The China Times on the rapid rise of “whistle-blowing” forces in China’s capital markets, Liu Junhai, director of the Institute of Business Law at Renmin University of China, said there may be common human weaknesses:A person has a sense of right and wrong, but sometimes he may want people around him to be loyal to him. Legal justice and loyalty are sometimes consistent, and sometimes contradictory. Different people may have different answers to choose “big justice” or “small justice”.In addition, as regulatory policies become stricter and investors’ investment philosophy becomes more mature, investors increasingly value the medium and long term investment value of a listed company.Therefore, instead of focusing on stock price fluctuations, listed companies should strengthen communication with investors while doing a good job on fundamentals, attract investors’ scarce attention, and let investors fully understand their business model and development prospects.What do you think of “pseudo-market value management”?Leave a comment in the comments section.