Is it a coincidence that two Chinese geniuses died mysteriously in the US, both of the same causes of death?

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From the beginning of the Westernization Movement, the Qing government initiated new education in order to strengthen the country, which produced many overseas students who later made great contributions to the development of the country.Sent to study abroad in the period of the republic of China, students often because of the conflict of domestic stranded in a foreign country, later in the war of liberation period, in order to ensure interests, reactionary forces will also be sent to the United States a lot of talents, and so this once caused the early stage of new China’s construction of talents are scarce, then strengthen the cultivation of talents in China,Only then did a number of outstanding talents emerge in the construction of new China.But after the advent of the new century, there are two Chinese genius mysteriously died, the cause of death is surprisingly similar, which makes the treasure of talent of the motherland confused, this rare is really just coincidence?Two men of genius, a study in the United States during the period of the republic of China and study in the United States elite excellent performance in the construction of the People’s Republic of China period, let the screaming again, restart the students to study in the agenda, at that time for international students to study in is saddled with a lot of hopes, there is a batch of and a group of outstanding students.In China gradually more foreign students to the United States, but the two genius, bizarre deaths of the two genius was surprisingly consistent, then a message back to the domestic sparked public debate, many people in the United States is not sitting well with the results of a survey is given, and the folk spontaneous memorial services for the two genius.The first genius was Ren Wei, who studied mathematics in the United States.Although Ren Wei came from an ordinary family, he was very talented in mathematics. As early as when he was in high school, many teachers realized his talent in mathematics and gave him many encouragement, which enabled him to successfully enter Fudan University in the 21st century.After attending Fudan University, Ren’s talents were further demonstrated, and his mathematical proficiency became more and more advanced, leading to his selection to study in the United States.After ren Wei came to the United States, his talent in mathematics was further recognized by his tutor, and many scientific research institutions had offered him olive branches when he was studying for a doctorate. Thus, it is conceivable that such a genius would contribute to China’s basic scientific research in the future.The other is Zhang Shousheng, who has made great achievements in the field of basic scientific research. Zhang Shousheng is a representative of Chinese talents in the new century, and has been involved in many fields of basic science.His excellent talent is on his junior high school of time, then only as a junior high school students use the limited time he finished high school all the knowledge, ability to learn, he later in the name of a junior high school students to attend the university entrance exam, and got excellent grades, he successfully enter fudan university.During his study in Fudan University, Zhang Shousheng’s talent was recognized by many tutors. Soon after, he was sent to study abroad and came to the United States for further study, which enabled him to grow up to be a talent in the field of scientific research.After studying abroad in the United States, two geniuses are having very high attains in their respective fields. At the same time, the excellent performance on their respective fields caused the attention of a few local scientific research institutions in the United States. Then they produced many accidents in the process of preparing to return to China.As they prepared to return home, they, like their predecessors, were tried and then thwarted by the American authorities, leading many to speculate about their mysterious deaths.When the two geniuses insisted on returning home, the American authorities no longer stopped them, but did not monitor them as in the past, giving them more freedom.Before the two genius to return on the eve of the then successively broke 51:2642 and zhang sheng in the United States has committed suicide and the news back home after an instant Fried, after all, the two genius and didn’t have any mental disorder, does not exist the possibility of suicide, and China’s diplomatic service request us to review again once, but this was refused to us,It is clear that the mysterious deaths of these two geniuses were not a coincidence, but rather a deliberate one.This immediately triggered a number of Chinese non-governmental organizations to protest against the conclusion of the US investigation, but in the end, it was only dropped.So the mysterious death of these two geniuses has become one of the biggest loss of talents in the new century.Conclusion: 51:2642 and zhang sheng, as a representative of the China after entering a new era of talent plays an important role in the field of the crack, if return will become China’s leader in the field of basic research, but mysteriously death in the United States, this let a person very regret, also for the two genius can’t play to serve the motherland and felt sorry.