Returning home for the Spring Festival is a risky bet

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This is the title I wrote years ago. I planned to stay in Beijing during the Spring Festival and not go back home. I planned to write some articles to kill time.However, when I wrote the title “Returning home for The Spring Festival has become a risky bet”, the nucleic acid test result came out, I saw it was “negative”, hurried to buy a ticket home, but as soon as I got home, I did not have the desire to write.Just back to Beijing, I remembered an article I hadn’t written before. If I hadn’t written down my thoughts at this moment, I might never have written an article with this title.Why do I think returning home during the Spring Festival is a return home bet?A county magistrate became the target of public criticism when he made a remark just before the Spring Festival.A sentence “during the Spring Festival, malicious return personnel, first isolation, and then detention” hurt the number of people eager to return home heart.The county magistrate happened to be close to the area I returned to. Although there was no epidemic in my hometown, I had to pass zhengzhou on my way home. Zhengzhou had not been cleared of the epidemic at that time, and Beijing was hosting the Winter Olympics, so I did not know whether I could return to Beijing after returning home.It was a time of panic, policy changes, all kinds of news on the Internet.Some people say that after returning home, they should be quarantined at home for 7 days or at a concentration, while others say that they will not be quarantined when returning home from low-risk areas.I don’t know if I should go back.Finally, I managed to get a ticket to go home. When I was planning to go home the next day, I was in a community with people in high-risk areas and asked them to take nucleic acid.It was late afternoon and it had just snowed in Beijing. I waited in line for more than an hour for my turn.After finishing the nucleic acid, I didn’t sleep well all night and was afraid to be quarantined after returning home.At 7am the next day, I checked my mobile phone, but the nucleic acid result was still not available. I was worried that I could not enter the station without nucleic acid certificate before the high-speed train started at 12:00 noon. After thinking for a long time, I returned the ticket.The nucleic acid results came back less than two hours after I returned the ticket.See “negative” after two words, I am happy again gas, happy is can come home, gas is just return ticket, buckle my 20% poundage not only, the ticket that answers my home that day also did not have.The situation changed so quickly that I was afraid that if I lived in Beijing for two days, it would become high-risk, so I bought an extra train ticket for two stops and finally caught the high-speed train that day.On the way home, uneasy, dare not open the network along the way, worried about the green code color, until back home, the heart to settle down.I thought I could have a good New Year, but when I went back, I caught a cold after finishing nucleic acid at home.New Year’s Eve evening, New Year’s day, others watch the Spring Festival Gala, I kept brushing the phone, and again anxiously waiting for nucleic acid results.After waiting for two days without a result, my family consoled me that no result was the best result. If there was a real problem, I could not stay at home.So stay at home for ten days, do nucleic acid four times, fortunately all negative, this Spring Festival also quietly over.Before going home, all kinds of news on the Net are hard to distinguish between true and false. After returning home, it is discovered that, in fact, it is not so troublesome as the rumor outside.This reminds me of a text I learned when I was a child “the pony crosses the river”.An old horse and a colt lived in the same stable. The old horse let the colt carry half a sack of wheat to the mill.On the way, the colt met a river. He asked the cow next to him if he could cross the river. The cow said yes.When the colt wanted to cross the river, the squirrel told him that he would be drowned. The colt didn’t know what to do, so he asked his mother.The little horse’s mother let him have a try, and finally he made it across the river.”The Pony Crossing the River” reminds us not hearsay, to know the depth of experience.As mentioned in Wei Xue, “Are things in the world difficult or easy?For it, the sufferers are easy;Not for, then easy also difficult!”Meaning: there is no such thing as difficult and easy.Do it, so difficult things will become easy;Do not do it, so easy things will become difficult.After encountering difficulties, the pony did not give up crossing the river, but finally succeeded under the guidance of his mother.If he had listened to the squirrel and backed away, he would never have crossed the river.Any one thing in front of you, difficult or easy, only their own try to know the result.This is the truth that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.Therefore, through the Spring Festival home for the Chinese New Year, realize a truth: in the usual study and life, we must pay attention to practice, try some meaningful things for their own development, not to retreat.Only through practice can we know whether we are fit for it or not;Only practice can truly realize the gap between themselves and the scale of difficulties;Only practice can continuously refine the correct way to deal with problems.