“The world” : Xiao Guoqing’s father was frozen to death, why, Zhou Zhigang to blame Zhou Bingyi

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Listen to snow said film in “the World”, Xiao Guoqing may be the most miserable person, because his life, has been struggling to survive.At that time, he and Zhou Bingkun, Cao Debao, Sun Qiaoqiao, Lu Chuan and Tang Xiangyang, collectively known as the “six little gentlemen”, at that time, their relationship is very good.And the relationship is good, mainly because we are in the same situation, there is no gap naturally there will be no estrangement, but, as time goes by, their identity has undergone huge changes.Lu Chuan and Tang Xiangyang were the first to leave here. They were the first to leave because of the entrance examination. Later, Zhou Bingkun also had a formal establishment and he also left.Finally, there is no education, two and no contacts xiao Guoqing, and no skills he can only be in situ, and even live, as before.As Xiao Guoqing, good friends one after another to leave their own, and his heart must be some bad, but he is a kind and honest person.Although there will be some small sad in his heart, but he will not envy their friends, more will not be in the back of a friend to make stumbling, he just want to work hard to try some more, he also want to change their current living conditions.But in that society full of human feelings and sophistication, an ordinary laborer at the bottom, he can rise to the top, and how many opportunities?His family is a little help can not help, because, his father’s health has been bad, in fact, Xiao Guoqing’s father in the factory before, is also a very prestigious person.Because of his excellent skills and integrity, he is respected and respected by everyone. Now, many of the leaders in his work are his former apprentices.But he, but never because of his and his son’s things, and to trouble them, later, the economic benefits of the factory is not line, and he even sick hospital money do not come back.They xiao home, not a capable, promising, so, Xiao Guoqing can only rely on their own efforts, dragging their family in life.However, fortunately, he has a good friend like Zhou Bingkun who does not dislike him, and Zhou Bingkun is really a guard of justice to them, first to help his wife Wu Qian, find a job in his bookstore.Later, he borrowed his old house to live with them, and on holidays, he is not willing to eat his usual food to their home.Have zhou Bingkun such a good brother, good buddies, Xiao Guoqing is very satisfied, he can only double the return of zhou Bingkun a good.But later, Zhou Bingkun was cheated because of buying a house, and finally, they can only move out of the zhou family, however, in the know to move away, his wife Wu Qian because of angry and mouth not choose words, she let Zhou Bingkun some down.Xiao Guoqing is a reasonable person, he knows that people can not be too greedy, can not just want to take, and not return, for so many years, Zhou Bingkun let them live in their own house, don’t ask them to have a penny of rent, two also always give them, so, to be grateful.He stopped Wu Qian’s irrational behavior in time, in fact, Wu Qian is not a bad person, she is just poor afraid, she was forced by the suffering of life, has lost the basic moral standards.She was afraid that they would have to live that kind of unsettled life again, and she was even more afraid of the old and young, and squeezed in that narrow space.But again difficult, also can’t let a good man cold heart, finally, they still moved out of the week home, but before leaving, they put this once lived in the cabin, to clean a clean, even the water tank to pick full of water, it can be seen that they are kind, have a heart of gratitude of good people.Can not think of, such a good man has suffered his own life in the great misfortune, originally, Xiao Guoqing father because Wu Qian forgot to open the door at night, and died in the night of the number of cold days.See father rickete body, shrinking in the coal pile of corpses, Xiao Guoqing are going crazy, he angrily want to play Wu Qian, but he can blame Wu Qian what?As a man, a woman gave herself the best years of her life, she bore you children, she worried and fucked you, and what did you give her?You’re middle-aged, you don’t even have a place of your own.Finally, Xiao Guoqing beat his head like crazy, in fact, by this time he had figured out why his father did it, because his father did not want to be a burden to himself.At that time, my father’s factory had not reimbursed my father for medical expenses for a long time, and his sister’s family also returned to the city, but the sister’s family had nowhere to go.Finally, they can only with xiao Guoqing family, together are crowded to their old father that, as a result, the two small adobe room, live eight or nine people, this can live?Daughter-in-law Wu Qian blushed every day, and old father-in-law crowded on a kang, and such a day, which is normal people can endure?So, Xiao Guoqing’s father thought of self-termination, only in this way to get a family of life and harmony, after making this decision, Xiao Father did not hesitate for long, he soon began to implement.Can be a living man was brutally frozen to death, such a tragic, or let him suffer a lot of pain, his final body shape is to shrink into a ball, that is he wanted to drill the whole body into the pile seems to still have a little residual temperature in the coal ash.Eventually, his mouth, eyes, and ears are full of coal ash, such a death is really let a person can not look at, Xiao Father walked, he took can not let go of the mind, he also left endless pain to his relatives.The most sad of course is Xiao Guoqing, as xiao Fu’s only son, he felt for the first time, his life is really too failed, before, he just feel sorry for his wife.And now he felt that he was a waste, he was sorry for his parents’ upbringing, but also sorry for his father’s efforts to cultivate their own.Father worked hard all his life to bring up his sister and him, but when he grew old, he did not wait for the filial piety of his children, and so he had to die.Who’s to blame?All blame themselves without ability, so, Xiao Guoqing for his father’s death, one is full of guilt, two is the heart of despair.Of course, as his good friend, Zhou Bingkun is also very sad, because Xiao father and his father about the same age, and he is a filial piety of the elderly child, he can not see the elderly wronged.And now, the old man has passed away in such a way, you let his heart how not afflictive?However, there is a person, his mood is both heavy and complex, this person is Zhou Bingkun’s father Zhou Zhigang.As the old light word area, he and Xiao Guoqing’s father is also an old acquaintance, a few decades ago, they may be the first batch of people in this home, so, they have similar experience and the same state of mind.A few years ago, they were a group of high-spirited young people who moved from the countryside to the city. They settled down in this dirty and messy place, although the environment was not very good, but their hearts were full of hope and vision, because at that time, they were the glorious working class.They were from a good family and had official state jobs. Although the work was very hard and the salary was not very high, it was enough to support the whole family. Therefore, although they were not rich at that time, their spirit was rich.Decades passed, they this group of people are old, but old old, Xiao Father is in this way, said goodbye to the love of the world, Zhou Zhigang’s heart is blocked uncomfortable.He put Zhou Bingyi, said a few meaningful words to him, the meaning of the words seems to be in blame Zhou Bingyi, but he did not say, then why Xiao Fu died, Zhou Zhigang to blame Zhou Bingyi?As the deputy mayor of the main economy, under their own eyes, but the phenomenon of freezing to death because, at that time zhou Bingyi career is good, he has passed several cities, finally, he was transferred to his hometown, when the deputy mayor in charge of the economy here.Only, at that time the situation of hometown is very bad, a lot of factories closed down, and workers are facing laid-off jobs, the economy is depressed, people’s living standards plummet, a lot of veteran workers and laid-off workers, their life is very difficult.They have no jobs, no skills, no access and no direction. They can’t afford to rent an apartment, and many live with their elderly parents.But those old and old houses, one is the existence of security risks, the second is too inconvenient life, who does not want to let their day over the better?But they have no way ah, the job can not be solved, not to mention the house, and Zhou Zhigang as a veteran worker, although he does not understand the economy, but he also know the above is not to do what?Because, they can not helplessly look at the people, life can not go on, he also knows that the country is very difficult now, but no matter how difficult, also want to try to solve these problems.In zhou Zhigang that level, he can not think too much, too far, he just thought of his son, looking at is also a very capable person, why he can not save the people in fire and water?So, at the thought of here, Zhou Zhigang some of the son angry, and the son also know his heart at this time of the idea, really, for Xiao Guoqing father’s death, his heart is also very uncomfortable.But at that time, the situation in the city was too difficult. There were neither policies nor resources needed, and the infrastructure in the city had a weak foundation and little capital. Even if he wanted to move, he could not find the money to start.And he also face every day, looking for him to stretch out his hand to the money unit, now he is a difficult enemy four hands, is a clever housewife without rice.He admits to be an official incorruptly, go up to live up to the country, live up to the folks below, as the poor boy that comes out from the light word area, he also wants to change the present situation there very much, but the reality is to step however difficult, he knows to want to change impossible in one day.However, this time Xiao Guoqing father’s death, let him feel the responsibility on his shoulders, is more heavy and urgent, he can not let such a tragedy happened, if so, he a sorry his parents, two sorry party to his task.As the eldest brother, but did not do the son of filial piety, put all the obligations on the younger brother zhou Zhigang on Zhou Bingyi actually have another layer of dissatisfaction, because, as the eldest son of the zhou family, he did not bring what substantive changes to the zhou family.And he, as a eldest brother and a son, did not play filial piety parents, to help the younger siblings of the responsibility, he lived in his father-in-law’s home all the year round, regarded himself as a son-in-law.For so many years, he never thought, to find a place for his old parents, originally the unit is for him to share the housing, but he did not want to let others say he took advantage of the public.Because he lived in his in-laws’ house, and there were many houses there, he had no reason to ask for another house.In the end, there was only one family, the parents and the younger brother, who had been squeezed into the low, shabby old house until the younger brother, by his own efforts, had managed to save enough money for a house, and then he took his parents and his niece to the new house.But the good times did not last long, the younger brother’s house was soon taken back by the housing administration, the reason is that the original owner of the house returned, and their previous house transaction is illegal.No house, brother and family only moved back to the old house, but the old house is borrowed and Xiao Guoqing live, so think, if Zhou Bingkun they did not move back, the state of xiao will not squeeze back to his father, and his father would not be hard because of the house and money things.So, according to the idea of Zhou Zhigang, then he Zhou Bingyi is responsible, if he can come up with the courage of the eldest brother, the filial piety of the parents of some to go, the younger brother will not have no place to go.Brother a good placement, the Xiao Guoqing family will have a place to settle.No wonder Zhou Zhigang want to think so, for so many years, Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Rong, the two light linmei zhou family children, but nothing really than Zhou Bingkun, for so many years, Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan carried the zhou Family, he not only take care of the parents, but also raise the children of Zhou Rong.Although Zhou Bingkun has no big promise, but gave Zhou Zhigang old couple, a practical and warm old life, a comparison, Zhou Zhigang had some complaints about Zhou Bingyi, so there is xiao Guoqing father died tragically, and Zhou Zhigang to blame Zhou Bingyi things.