“Duo Duo Xin Guo Chao” opened a new mode of full link live broadcast, 2.3 million users “cloud card” Pelaya Beauty cosmetics factory

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LuJia, qianjiang evening news hour, journalists on February 14, “2022 new wave” joint action domestic beauty makeup brand pearl raya, opened up a whole link of live events, has led to more than 230 netizens clock in the domestic top r&d center, beauty makeup, and first-class production factories in Asia.Guo Yunlong (left), deputy general manager of Pinduoduo e-commerce Business Division, came to pinduoduo live broadcast room to recommend good goods for Internet users.On the same day of the activity, Guo Yunlong, deputy general manager of The E-commerce Business Division of Pelya Group, was also A guest at pinduoduo’s “New National Tide” live broadcast room, recommending “early C late A” double resistance suits and other brands of domestic products to netizens.According to Guo yunlong, the live broadcast aims to show the whole process of Peraja products from source to sales, so that consumers can better understand the strength of Research and development and production of Peraja, and improve the pride and credibility of consumers to buy domestic products.According to understand, “2022 new wave” action is to spell out a lot of a booster “several solid fusion” special operation, special activities to the “quality of the tide, better life” for the concept, aims to further play to the platform the most broad consumer and digital technology advantages, continue to promote new goods, the tide direct consumption, boost the real economy in China.”To compare the West Lake to the west, light and heavy make-up always match.”Yesterday, the “2022 More New National trend” campaign entered the Hangzhou headquarters of Pelaya, and a traceability live broadcast of domestic beauty makeup was officially opened by the West Lake.”Science and technology has always been the core concept of Pelaiya, how to bring users scientific safety and effective products, is our constant insistence.”At 3 PM, The R & D experts of Pelya took the lead in leading the netizens to visit the R & D innovation Center, and introduced the physical and chemical analysis laboratory, formula experimental area, makeup laboratory, Pelya patent wall and other links to the netizens in turn, and explained in detail the product raw material selection, detection and plant extraction process.In the skin test experiment link, research and development experts with the help of skin image analysis system, through the projection experiment under the scene to show the invisible damage of ultraviolet radiation on the facial skin, for users to bring a more intuitive visual feeling, but also let more users directly call “unknown sense li” “severe, my Po”.In huzhou Beauty cosmetics town, The Production factory of Pelaiya is presented to pinduoduo consumers through live broadcast for the first time.Xiao Liu is taken in huzhou beauty town, 50 kilometers away from The West Lake. The production factory of Pelaiya is also presented to pinduoduo netizens through live broadcast for the first time.It is understood that Pelaiya Huzhou factory has Asia’s first-class production technology and equipment, its batching workshop, manufacturing workshop and automatic packaging workshop production equipment are from the world’s top manufacturers.Each product has its own “ID card”, ensuring that consumers can buy authentic Chinese products, according to the factory’s head.It is worth mentioning that Guo Yunlong, deputy general manager of The Electric business Division of Pelaiya Group, also came to the live broadcast room to distribute excess benefits for netizens and share the brand concept of “technology Pelaiya”.Guo Yunlong said that this traceability live broadcast across Hangzhou and Huzhou showed the whole process of Purya products from the source to the hands of consumers, so that consumers can better understand the strength of research and development and production of Purya.By 9 PM, more than 2.3 million netizens had flocked to the live broadcast room to support the new domestic product, making Perya the Top beauty and skin care product of the day.By 9 PM, more than 2.3 million netizens had flocked to the live broadcast room to support the new domestic product, making Perya the Top beauty and skin care product of the day.In the end, guo yunlong’s enthusiastic recommendation, a total of 2.3 million netizens poured into the live broadcast room, the whole process of Punching in The RESEARCH and development center and production plant.By 9 o ‘clock in the evening, Polya was ranked Top 1 in the beauty and skin care list of the day, with more than 100,000 new fans in the official flagship store. A number of products in the live broadcast room were sold out immediately after the launch. The one-day order volume of “Morning C evening A” suit, feather sunscreen and other products increased by more than 370%.In recent years, domestic beauty brands have developed rapidly and become the new favorites of new consumer groups.According to the 2019 Domestic Beauty Insight Report released by Tencent, in terms of consumer market share, the domestic beauty market share has exceeded 56 percent.Guo Yunlong believes that the continuous improvement of China’s manufacturing level makes the independent research and development ability of domestic beauty cosmetics stronger and stronger, and has a greater say in acquiring core ingredients and raw materials, which is the main reason for the rapid rise of domestic beauty cosmetics brands.As one of the leading brands in The Beauty industry in China, Pelaiya is also one of the first domestic beauty brands to enter Pinduoduo.Data show that during the Spring Festival just past, the official flagship store of Purya won the sales champion of beauty products, and the single order volume of living energy intensive products has exceeded 100,000 +. Star products such as “Early C late A” elite sets have also captured the favor of more young people born after 1995 with their “high-tech beauty style”.”Today’s young consumers are more concerned than ever with science, with validity and looking for value recognition.”Guo Yunlong said that science and technology has always been the core concept of Pelaiya, how to bring users scientific safety and effective products is our constant insistence.We hope that through the direct broadcast room of Pinduoduo new National tide, “Science and technology Perya” will be passed to all users, so that every pinduoduo consumer can see the unique side of new domestic products.It is understood that the “2022 Duo Duo New Tide” action is a special action launched by Pinduoduo to help “data and reality integration”. It aims to provide full-link digital services for new Tide brands from design and development, production and manufacturing to brand building and other fields, and comprehensively promote new Tide directly connected with new consumption.”Duo Duo New tide” project director said that in the next year, Duo Duo will set up a special team, start the second kill support plan, 10 billion subsidy star plan, 10 billion weight “support resource package”, cultivate 10 billion new tide brand, 100 billion tide brand.”Perya always adhere to the professional skin mechanism research as the basis, selection of the world’s top raw materials, repeated experimental verification, to bring users the best products.”Guo yunlong said that In the future, Perya will also have a deeper understanding of PDD’s consumer needs and constantly bring new products and services to PDD.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. 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