Epidemic prevention dispatcher of the Sixth Hospital: As long as the mobile phone rings, you should immediately go to work

2022-06-01 0 By

“Several imported COVID-19 patients were discharged from the hospital today. We need to report the information of the discharged patients to the Municipal Health Commission at 7 am, and then contact 120 vehicles to transfer them…”On the morning of The third day of the Chinese New Year, Ji Jiale, an epidemic prevention dispatcher in Charge of the hospital’s admission and discharge of COVID-19 patients, was contacting each discharged patient’s local area to receive them in a closed loop.What kind of job is it?”The work is complicated and complicated, involving every link and detail of patients’ admission and discharge.”Ji jiale said, in front of the hospital accepts every case of COVID – 19 patients, were made by her is responsible for the overall arrangement, including control of patients with epidemiological information in advance, real-time tracking patients transit route and time node coordinate patients admitted to hospital inspection, check the case information, coordination and 120 ambulance, at the same time, provide transport security for patients with hospital and quarantine.”I started this job when I joined the Sixth Hospital of The City. I have worked out a set of working methods in two years.”‘The job of a dispatcher is to be available 24 hours a day,’ Mr. Giarella said. ‘Whenever the phone rings, no matter what time it is, you have to go to work.’Many times, by the time patients are safely admitted to hospital, Jiarella has worked all night.See Jiale for many days 24 hours even shaft work, voice hoarse, around the colleagues see in the eye, will tell her to take time to rest, take good care of the body.She said, “My hard work is nothing compared to the medical staff in the COVID-19 ward.””We are busy late every day during the Spring Festival, and some discharged patients will stay in quarantine hotels for 14 days. They will have to coordinate and communicate with each other about their food and tickets.””Patient transport” is at the heart of the work, Jiale said.Although these processes for her, has been the normal work, but every transit, she did not slack off, in strict accordance with the transit system to carry out the transit work, grasp the transit route and time node.Every time the transfer is completed, Jijiale will repeatedly consider how to optimize the process, achieve “point-to-point” accurate docking, to ensure that the transfer process is fully closed loop.These days there’s one thing that particularly happy, ji jiale has an input outside the hospital patients, because he had to go to city tour code has been red lead to can’t buy ticket and can’t go home, “I have been and local related departments to communicate, because I don’t know where is the problem really out, can only be a one department communication and coordination,It took him about half a month to change his code from red to green. When he got the news that he could go home, he was so excited that he cried. He thanked me all the time.”Talking about it, Jijiale smiled: it’s the best New Year gift.Shen News all media reporter: Fan Hua