Foreign students remind: The risk of working in South Korea convenience store

2022-06-01 0 By

Hello, I am Yabe, an international student in Korea.Most of the overseas students in Japan and South Korea are born in ordinary salaried families, so it is not a shocking thing to take a part-time job while studying abroad. Many students take part-time jobs in their spare time to supplement their living expenses or improve their living quality while improving their oral English skills.This is a very positive behavior, if the lack of legal knowledge and cause trouble that is really too grievance.Today I’m going to share with you the DOS and don ‘ts of working part-time at a convenience store in Korea.First of all, international students who want to work legally in South Korea must apply for a work permit.The process of dealing with the work permit is not so complex as imagined, login Hikorea website can apply for.The material that needs besides basic passport, login card, result and attendance proof, ask for an employment labor contract and business license to your boss, the overseas student that wants a signed word to work affirmatory letter to the school again can submit deal with.For a work permit is convenient for the management of South Korea, but also to do a good job to protect their own safety and interests, so the students must do a good job in handling the work permit.Second, no matter what kind of part-time job, when the employer decides to hire it, he will sign an employment contract.Many students start work directly after successful interviews without signing labor contracts with employers, which is the source of some legal disputes.In Korea, the minimum wage will increase every year. For example, if the minimum wage is 9,160 won per hour in 2022, the minimum wage for migrant workers should be 9,160 won per hour.There are some black-hearted bosses who will oppress foreign workers and will withhold insurance premiums without giving them the minimum hourly wage under various excuses, so signing labor contracts is the most important thing.Third, the most important and hardest thing about working part-time at a convenience store is that you can’t sell alcohol or cigarettes to minors.So see young looking guests to buy cigarettes and alcohol must be confirmed id card!I have heard that many people who worked part-time in convenience stores sold alcohol to minors by mistake and went to the police after being reported. In fact, the minors who bought alcohol showed their ID photos only with their mobile phones…But even in this aggrieved situation, he may not escape punishment.Now the epidemic in South Korea is very serious, everyone is living very hard, under such circumstances it is very difficult to identify, so you should be more alert!The author concludes: there are also some naughty minors steal other people’s ID cards to buy cigarettes in the convenience store, like this encounter difficult to distinguish suspected minors to buy cigarettes and alcohol, the best way is to politely refuse him.In order to minors physical and mental health development, but also in order not to give yourself trouble, convenience store workers must stay here more than a heart.In addition to the guarantee of pay, there is also an obligation to protect employees, and you are protected if you take the right emergency measures in exceptional circumstances like this.I hope all international students must be legal and reasonable, work and live happily.Edited by Jebi Jin yi, a lawyer