Those young people who are still making money during the Spring Festival, how hard they are

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Figure: pile sugar (invade delete text: small dream: whole network of the same name, welcome to pay attention to, reprint please authorize, plagiarism will investigate!Looking forward to your story.I saw a hot search: “Why do young people nowadays not like to visit relatives during the Spring Festival?”The answer is simple:” Because I hate to be disturbed by trouble at this happy hour.”Young people today, most of them live sober lives.If visiting relatives means meaningless keeping up with the Joneses, then it makes less sense to make money.1. What are you doing for Chinese New Year?Chinese New Year is inevitable to the reunion of students, especially for the young people who have just graduated, and friends from home dinner is a necessary thing.During the dinner, many people are bragging about how smooth their work is, how happy their life is, only one student who has nothing to say.Some people are curious, holding some challenging psychological inquiry, did not expect that he looked like playing mobile phone, in fact, is busy.Students said, in fact, many people during the Chinese New Year, are busier than usual at work, because they know better than others to seize business opportunities.For example, feed the cats and dogs of families with pets, because the owner has to go back home for the Spring Festival, this way, more let them rest assured.For example, some work life using language skills, or other technical skills to help others, sometimes really pay a lot of money.In the eyes of these people, classmates reunion or relatives, are unnecessary things, rather than making money, more meaningful.2. Only your efforts will not betray your busy working cousin, who has already returned to her own job on the second day of the New Year because their company has a five-fold salary increase.Since she was of marriageable age, various relatives introduced her to a number of men they considered good, and she was warmly welcomed.However, in the eyes of the cousin, these men do not conform to their own aesthetic, and she is now at a stage, and there is no plan to fall in love.These days, especially for the employees of some big computer factories, they generally have higher self-requirements and judgment.They know exactly what they want every step of the way, so that’s why many people don’t want to visit relatives.Yes, some relatives are really kind. They care about your work and your health, and they care about your life just as much as your parents do.However, love is not forced to have, more people understand that only you become a better yourself, in order to meet a better person.Because, climb to the peak to see the scenery, is always at the foot of the mountain people can not imagine.You can only understand it if you experience it.Some people said: “Is it true that the pressure young people put on themselves in work and life is too high?”No, for many ordinary people born in ordinary families, the meaning of work is to make a better life for themselves.Is there anyone who truly loves their work?Of course they do, but these aren’t the people who work for other people.Those who are still busy at work during the Spring Festival, in addition to some essential jobs, there are also a large number of people who volunteer to work overtime.The reason we don’t want to rest and deal with the anxiety of losing relatives is because we’ve been dealing with it for the past year.Nowadays, the pressure of life is really great, whether it is love, child-rearing or single life, in fact, it is not so easy.Sure, you can live a simple life without wanting anything, but aren’t you really tempted when you see beautiful people around you?People are always selling anxiety and being kidnapped by it.But that’s life. That’s what we have to live.4. Don’t Waste Your Time It’s true that everyone should expand their circle of friends and acquaintances, but most people want to meet helpful people.However, not everyone in your life is going to give you advice or help that is worth taking into consideration.You should live your life and know what you want, not just follow the crowd.If you don’t have goals, at least make your life better and don’t waste time.Above, I wish you a good dream, good night.