A-a wants to be on the show and go home!

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to students’ Comics. I am the author and students will take you into the world of comics.To pursue means to seek, to explore.It also refers to courting the opposite sex.O failure today and what funny things, we look for the failure sighed and said “I is when it no longer looks like a detective, but I have a new pursuit, I want to sign up for – come on, hard man” o failure led him to advertising, looking at the requirements of the above, think conditions a bit harsh, reads – boy, to be present, want to have hair, five big three thick best!Queue to sign up the failure in the past, are lining up to the front of the big fellow fierce said “what” smelly boy, crowded failure after being finished, immediately the unintelligent, looks ferocious, than he or went home, took to take the mirror, barked the moment comes courage, “no, little failure, how can you be speaking out of turn to give up?”Ok, that’s all for this comic, see you next time If you want to learn more, come to our student comics Ah Shuo solved a murder, see what happened?After eating a bug, Ah – ay became a giant again!