Can xiaobai also make big money through “we media”?The key is three ways to monetize

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Many people often ask, why do you choose to do we media?I think many people do we media for the same reason: to make money.Some people will ask me in private letters, now I can do we media to start a business?Or can I take a part-time job in we-media to increase my income?My answer is yes!But before this, you need to know what platforms we media make money from?Is depend on what kind of means to earn income?Today, I will first share with you several ways of self-media realization.There are three ways to realize “we media” : 1. What is “we media” traffic subsidy?It is what we often say that where there is flow, there is revenue.That is, when you publish your works to the we-media platform, users on the platform will browse your works, and the platform will give you a subsidy according to the number of users browsing your works. The more users browsing your works, the more traffic will be, and the more profits will be given to you.So why do platforms subsidize us?This is because there is competition among various platforms, they need to retain users, they need to create better, high-quality content to retain users, so they need high-quality authors to create content, and in order to retain authors, they need to give authors subsidies, and this subsidy is in the form of higher traffic, the higher the subsidy is given to authors.The subsidy is calculated based on how many views a work has received, ranging from 15 to 30 views for 10,000 views and 15 to 50 views for 10,000 views of a video.That why there will be different prices, this depends on whether the work is original, the original price is higher.At present, the vast majority of “we media” people are cashing out by earning traffic subsidies from the platform and opening original works.2. E-commerce with Goods E-commerce with goods refers to the use of the Internet platform to display and introduce goods in close range.An emerging way of promotional services that can be consulted live on products.Either by the store owner to establish their own live broadcast room, or by a professional anchor to host.Because live with goods can not only let users and producers of direct communication, and live with goods is the lowest price of the whole network.At present, several common we-media platforms, such as Toutiao number and Baijia Number, have opened the e-commerce goods carrying function, and directly insert the link of goods in the article or video, can directly reach a transaction, simple and effective.How can we do a good job of e-commerce with goods?Two points need to be noted:(1) Selection of goods with goods is certainly want to let oneself get more benefits, so we should pay attention to the choice of products, we can choose according to some of our favorite products, more practical products or popular products, but we must ensure the quality of the goods,Only when the quality of the selected goods is guaranteed can someone choose to buy goods under their own works.(2) Improve the conversion rate of products and choose a suitable product that can combine with hot spots.For those who have a very high conversion rate of goods recommended do not easily follow the wind to try, the best choice and their own account field similar content for editing.3, pay column pay, mainly for some companies, or do knowledge pay people.Usually we can share some knowledge through text or video, and then when users want to learn these knowledge, they can buy your column.The essence of knowledge payment is to turn knowledge into products or services, thus charging users’ fees.At present, we media platform also provides a better tool for paying for knowledge: column. When users see the content they are interested in, they can directly pay to learn more systematic content.The scattered experience or knowledge of the summary, published into a column, for users in need, is very valuable, can help them save a lot of time to find information.Column needs full ten thousand powder to open, so novice do not want to.If you plan to operate we-media for a long time, you can develop to this area in the later stage, and the prospect is good.This is my “We media learning notes” of the white can also make a lot of money through we media?The key is to share three ways of monetizing. Do you understand?Feel free to leave a comment below if you don’t understand.Forward this article, click to pay attention to “We media learning notes” headline number, private message me, you can get “we media short video operation free tutorial material + video article production necessary tools”, to help you learn from scratch we media!