Deng Lun appeared in the champion fan Zhang Yuting live broadcast, net friends pleasantly surprised

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Zhang Yuting, born in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province in 1999, is a Chinese short track speed skater.At the 2019-20 ISU Short track Speed Skating World Cup in Montreal, Canada, she, Han Tianyu, Qu Chunyu and Ren Ziwei of The Chinese team won the gold medal in 2:40.246.On November 11, she, Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu and Zang Yize teamed up to win the women’s 3000m relay in 4 minutes 09.184 seconds in Montreal.In 2022, Zhang Yuting qualified for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.Zhang Yuting finished third in group 1 in the women’s 1,500m quarterfinal of short track speed skating at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 16.But in the semifinals, Zhang yuting only won the sixth place in the group, missed the final.Now she is the short track mixed team relay champion at the Beijing Winter Olympics and the third place in the women’s 3000m short track relay at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Now only 22 years old zhang Yuting, like other ordinary people like chasing stars, and her favorite star is Deng Lun.In addition to the game in Zhang Yuting’s micro-blog, is about deng Lun content.Once saw deng Lun when shopping billboards, Zhang Yuting also could not help but come to a “space photo” PO to weibo, speed skating team AHina reminded her to “control”, and Zhang Yuting is also very naughty to reply “not, he is my drop”.However, recently in Zhang Yuting’s live broadcast, Deng Lun secretly appeared in the studio, not only brush the gift, but also replied: you are a model, come on.Deng praised: Zhang Yuting in the usual training has achieved so many results, she can be regarded as my role model.If I can achieve this kind of achievement like her in the future, that would be great.In this winter Olympic Games, Zhang Yuting obtained a gold medal, not only the harvest of ice pier pier, but also the blessing of the harvest idol, it can be said that large dream is illuminated into the reality of the scene.This kind of feeling is still quite good, two people are each other’s example, as if in them also see everything good!We wish them both the best of luck in their respective fields, old friends!