To improve users’ anti-fraud awareness, Baihe Jiayuan has taken a number of anti-fraud measures to build a safe marriage and dating platform

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In recent years, with the development of society, young people are facing great pressure, small social circle and the promotion of self-awareness in the new era. Many single people always feel that it is difficult to find a partner, so the Internet dating has become an important channel for young people to get rid of the single and pursue love.Recently, CCTV exposed the reporter experience network dating, also encountered some suspected fraud.These so-called blind dates have different account numbers but send almost the same chat messages.The reporter learned that many cheaters through a variety of social platforms to search for “prey”, the victim from the social platform to wechat, QQ group and other third-party platforms to implement fraud.Such scams not only cost many single men and women both money and affection, but also brought misery to many matchmaking platforms.However, these matchmaking website platform allows cheater to wreak havoc?According to reporter understanding, in order to dating industry leading domestic enterprise lily company as an example, has held the “Internet dating platform to prevent fraud governance”, “from dating to social integrity” the NPC representatives symposium, etc., on how to effectively prevent represented by “kill pig dish” Internet fraud cases happen much discussed and deep communication,Explore ways to prevent and combat network fraud, in order to prevent the occurrence of such malignant events.According to relevant controller introduces, the lily company group currently dating sites and matchmaking services by customers the customer’s personal information to fill in, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology push deeper about to carry out special APP infringe on user rights action notice that enterprise APP may not make collecting illegal collect personal information and personal information.In order to prevent telecom network fraud, Baihe Jiayuan Group kept iterating intelligent screening system, and online “anti-fraud column” and other aspects to safeguard the rights and interests of users.In 2021 alone, Baihe Jiayuan group sent security alert text messages to 25,000 users and anti-fraud prompt letters to 5.415 million users.At present, the anti-fraud model of Baihe Jiayuan Group checks more than 10,000 suspected fraud accounts in real time every day.When a new user logs in, if there is a complaint record, inconsistent IP address, or vulnerable people, the user will first receive a reminder message from the Capital Network Police.Use “video dating” to verify the authenticity of information before going further.In addition, members of the video chat, there will be further anti-fraud warnings.Baihe Jiayuan platform continuously strengthens the audit of user information, and carries out credit evaluation according to the perfection of the information uploaded by users, so as to serve as the information reference for users to make friends.In the process of making friends, users are reminded to beware of scams;There is a prevention and control mechanism for relevant sensitive words and words related to property and the frequency of occurrence, and those with serious circumstances will be pulled into the “blacklist”.Experts said, “kill pig pan” type of new network fraud fraud has already crossed the boundary, usually divided into “network fraud” and “network theft” two forms of expression, we face is not a single crime caused by the crime, but the whole huge network crime ecosystem.In addition, Beijing Law huan law firm director Wang Peng lawyer believes that it is difficult to solve the “killing pig dish” network fraud fraud by the enterprise itself, the need to work together with the relevant government departments, third-party institutions and all sectors of society to work together, mass prevention.The relevant person in charge of the lily company group has suggested that the vast number of single men and women in the use of network platform for online dating, don’t blindly from the platform, the marriage parties must establish the correct self-awareness, keep a clear bottom line consciousness, after many times to confirm account information safe and reliable and transferred to a third party platform to communicate with each other, be responsible for yourself is the root of the marriage fraud prevention.It can be seen that as generation Z enters the dating market, the Internet dating industry has become an important channel for them to get rid of their single.While enjoying the convenience brought by the Internet, we should also enhance the awareness of self-prevention and protect our own interests from harm.In the face of such illegal and criminal behaviors as “killing pig dish”, it is also more necessary for all sectors of society to work together to prevent and control, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of every participant in the dating industry from being harmed.