A quick fix for punctured tires!Did you Get it?

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Card friends figure all over the country to walk the road more encountered problems also more if encountered in the road running transportation found that the tire was punctured then how to deal with it?Cough cough road small classroom to open a lesson!Look here ~ plug the missing solution is the so-called plug the missing way is to use the paste tire repair, the injured tire is removed from the ring, find the wound, from the inner layer of the tire affixed with a special tire repair rubber, so as to complete the leak.The advantage of this method is that large wounds can be repaired, but the disadvantage is still not durable enough, after a period of water immersion and high-speed operation, the repair site will re-appear air leakage.Final solution The final solution is also known as fire repair.Fire repair should also pry off the tire, and then attach the special raw film to the wound, and then bake the wound with a baking machine until the raw film and tire completely fit.The advantage of fire repair is very durable, basically do not worry about repeated air leakage.But it also has disadvantages, that is, the technical requirements of the construction is higher, because once the fire control is not good when baking, it is likely to burn the tires, serious deformation, so that the damage to the tires can be big.First-aid solution the most common way of first-aid tire repair is to plug the hole in the tire into a special rubber strip, tire repair shop master usually called it shot type tire repair.The main advantage of this method is that it is quick and convenient, takes only a few minutes, and does not require prying the tire off the rim, while the gun repair is not durable enough and is difficult to deal with large cuts, so it is usually only a temporary remedy.There are many automatic tire repair agents on the market, but they also have strong limitations.For example, if the air has been leaking out of the tire, it is difficult to work.The biggest defect of this tire filler is that it is very corrosive. Whether it is steel ring or alloy wheel ring, there will be large damage for a long time. The result of this damage is that the steel ring and tire seal is not strict, leading to air leakage.The method of tire repair is varied, but not panacea.If the tire wall (that is, the tire side) appeared more than 1 cm of wounds, or the tire crown was pierced by objects such as steel bars, causing a big hole, it is generally best to replace a new tire.Because, this kind of tire is not only difficult to repair, the effect after repairing can not let a person rest assured, simply let it retire.Therefore, tutu here to remind you: the safety of tires is the safety of the whole car, to learn to drive safely and scientifically is the absolute truth, driving safety is no small matter, found the problem should be solved in time, do not take chances.END road is a professional do large vehicle maintenance institutions have professional maintenance technicians, provide convenient door-to-door service truck maintenance, find us 400-0555-950