From today to The Lantern Festival, the Troupe will perform for seven consecutive days

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58 of quanzhou, quanzhou on February 8, pass the client inquiry (southeast of morning paper reporter Zhang Suping correspondent Lin Xiaowei article/photo) 7 a.m. tonight, quanzhou city, “our holiday liyuan opera, 2022 yuanxiao communication performance” and “heritage is the best memorial towering performance, xu plays in urban classical opera theatre will be, the performance will continue until the fourteenth.According to “Liyuan Opera Art History” “Drama writer Lin Rensheng” article introduction, Lin Rensheng (1912 — 1972), a native of Quanzhou, once participated in the Underground Jinnan organization of the Communist Party of China, chief editor of “Drama small series of books”, organized drama, opera performances.In 1953, Lin rensheng was transferred to liyuan Opera Troupe from jinjiang Regional cultural work team and served as the deputy director of the Arts Committee.He collected ancient manuscripts such as zhu Wen’s Ghost, and organized the transcribing of precious materials such as texts, music and science fan of traditional plays dictated by old artists of Liyuan Opera.Sorting out “Chen Sanwu Niang”, “Zhu Wen Taiping Qian”, “Rouge”, “Dong Yong and the Seven Fairies”, “Zhu Benn Cold Mountain”, “Lv Meng Is breaking kiln”, “Su Qin”, “Gao Wenju”, “Yue Lin For Loyal record”, “Li Yaxian Xiu Ji” and other traditional liyuan opera scripts;He also wrote new scripts for eyuan opera, such as Zheng Chenggong and Annayong Female Guerrillas.According to introducing, Mr Xu Lin liyuan opera is an excellent representative of building group in the early new literary and art workers, its profound classical outstanding talent, perseverance, rigorous spirit of art will increase the literature character of liyuan opera to a high level, deeply affected the ren-jie wang, ZhuangChangJiang subsequent liyuan opera playwright, to the rescue, inheritance and creation, development of liyuan opera career made great contribution.In addition, from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. every day from the third day to the 14th day of the first lunar month, Fujian Liyuan Opera Heritage Center will launch “Liyuan Opera HIGH Experience Series activities” for children.The series of activities include “seven children class small stage”, “Liyuan Opera cartoon characters group photo”, “Liyuan opera press foot drum experience”, “Liyuan opera knowledge with prizes to answer” and so on, the troupe will open children’s artistic vision in a different way.Repertory of Liyuan Theatre:Low on February 8 (the eighth day day) at 7 a.m. the south school of traditional drama “Li Yaxian low on Feb. 9 (9th) at 7 a.m. operatic genres traditional drama” Zhu Bian low on February 10 (the 10th day) at 7 a.m. on February 11, traditional drama “shu” low (January 11) at 7 a.m. operatic genres traditional drama “the dong yong” adaptationSpecial performance: On February 12 (January 12) at 7:30 PM, Xiao Liyuan Genre traditional drama “Gao Wenju” ● On February 13 (January 13) at 7:30 PM, Xiao Liyuan Genre traditional drama “Chen Sanwu Niang” ● On February 14 (January 14) at 7:30 PM, new Liyuan opera “Ni’s Teaching Son”