Ningxiang | Yujiaao Social Work station: Fuxing Children’s Palace, realize the dream and grow together

2022-06-03 0 By

China sound online March 15 news (correspondent Xie Meng) young strong is strong, young rich is rich.On March 15th, the social work station of Yujiaao Township in Ningxiang, together with Yujiaao Central Primary School, held an activity themed “Revitalize the Children’s Palace, Realize the Dream and grow together” in the conference room on the second floor.We will give top priority to the ideological and moral development of minors and help them grow up healthily and happily.In the first class of the New Year, in order to let students learn and understand the significance of Lei Feng’s spirit, social workers organized students to answer lei Feng’s knowledge.”Students, do you know what the spirit of Lei Feng is?”As soon as the social worker’s words fell, some students raised their hands actively, and then said slightly embarrassed, “I don’t know, but I can sing Lei Feng’s song.”And with that he began to sing.There are students jumped up and answered: “I know I know, Lei Feng spirit is dedication, is selfless, is a model”…..The social workers nodded and praised, “What the students said is right. The Spirit of Lei Feng is reflected in all aspects. What we need to do is to learn and inherit this spirit and carry forward the Spirit of Lei Feng in the future.”The children were also taught to look at the social worker firmly.After that, the social workers encouraged the children to do their favorite projects. Some of them drew quietly, some practiced calligraphy seriously, some did their homework actively, and some played and looked out of the window frequently.The social workers looked on wistfully and asked the children what they thought about their studies. Most answered vaguely, while others expressed anxiety or a lack of long-term enthusiasm.Social workers will help children understand that learning can be wise and ambitious, draw a blueprint for the ocean of knowledge in the hearts of children, and advocate children to be young men who “understand reading, love reading and enjoy reading”.Social workers act as “chargers” and the children are energized.The road of rural children’s ideological construction is gradual and long.The social workers of Yujiaao township social work station said that they would always maintain the original concept of people-oriented, helping others and helping themselves, and actively carry out more activities to help teenagers grow up happily with more groups and resources, so as to comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural talents and the ideological construction of rural teenagers.Let the village children’s Palace truly become a fertile ground for children’s life and growth, and a stage for social practice, so that children gradually clear their dreams, and let the belief of dreams take root in the hearts of children.