Non-disciplinary off-campus training institutions malicious price increase?The Ministry of Education will comprehensively regulate its charging behavior

2022-06-03 0 By

On January 29, according to the official website of the Ministry of Education, recently, the Ministry of Education held a national video conference to regulate the charge of non-disciplinary out-of-school training and comprehensively regulate the charge of non-disciplinary out-of-school training.The meeting pointed out that non-disciplinary out-of-school training, like disciplinary training, should adhere to the nature of education for the public good. Fees for non-disciplinary out-of-school training should be reasonably determined based on market demand and training costs, and excessive fees and excessive pursuit of profits should be firmly restrained.We need to take the management of fees for non-disciplinary training as an important aspect of consolidating the governance of off-campus institutions and the “double reduction” reform this year. We need to focus on concrete, detailed and effective measures, and resolutely prevent infringement of people’s interests under the pretext of non-disciplinary off-campus training.The meeting stressed the need to quickly carry out a special investigation and rectification of fees for non-disciplinary training, speed up the investigation and rectification of fees for online and offline non-disciplinary training institutions, and establish a work ledger.To unblock social supervision channels, the investigation found the opportunity to malicious price, illegal dumping hours and other problems that infringe on the interests of the people, to make clear the rectification of specific matters and timetable, the implementation of the sales system.We will inform the public of the rectification in a timely manner to form deterrence and enhance the people’s trust and sense of security.The meeting called for local authorities to take the investigation and rectification of fees for non-disciplinary off-campus training as an important part of solving the “urgent and anxious” problems of the people, and form a work pattern of joint efforts by relevant departments.Special work plans should be formulated to clarify governance objectives, tasks and measures, focus on key areas and issues, and specify time limits so as to ensure timely, effective and effective governance.To further play the role of the coordination mechanism of “double reduction” work, the education administrative department should strengthen the overall planning and coordination, and work with the market supervision department and other members of the coordination mechanism to clarify the division of labor, consolidate responsibilities, and form a joint force to achieve actual results.Source: