This is a poem about a noblewoman getting married, right?

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I think a lot of people like me, even if they have not read the Book of Songs · Summoned South · Magpie’s Nest “, they must have heard of hatoyama occupy magpie’s nest or magpie bridge meet.According to scholars’ interpretation of the Book of Songs, this poem is where the two words came from.· Occupying the magpie’s nest is understandable, because on the surface of the poem, it does mean something like this: “The Magpie has a nest, and the Dove dwells there.”· To this end, I went to check the habits of the two kinds of birds magpie and turtle, although, and did not find very helpful information, but also understand turtle, this kind of birds actually have many kinds, we often hear turtledove, cuckoo, myna, occupy the magpie nest will be who?· Scholars who have always studied the Book of Songs like to understand this poem as a grand wedding of an aristocratic woman, who married into her husband’s house like a dove occupying a magpie’s nest.· If the turtle occupies the magpie’s nest, it occupies it. “The son of the magpie returns, and one hundred and two royal will become it.”You know, you’re married, and you have all these frames to escort you.· What if you don’t think along the lines of scholars?The son of the return, a hundred two royal.Royal, is to control the words.So, the turtle that occupies the magpie’s nest, is it the marionette of the family behind it??This is a family marriage, more is the jiu family power to occupy the magpie nest.· So, this poem wants to convey a spirit of honest and equal marriage?Watch out for the fake marriages that take your family over other people’s land?· Ahem, I just don’t know why random association.Criticize me!