“Wine half full of tea to deceive customers”, New Year’s reception of guests 5 “taboo” to remember, keep etiquette is decent

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Chinese New Year is the most important festival of the year for the Chinese people. From the beginning of the 12th month, people begin to prepare for the Spring Festival. Besides food and drinks, visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival is also an important part of the “flavor of the Year”.During the Spring Festival, there will certainly be relatives and friends or younger generation to pay New Year’s visit, so it is very important to receive guests well and make them satisfied with the enthusiasm of the host.”The wine is half full of tea to deceive customers”, this sentence is a familiar saying, which said that when the guests do not pour too full tea, because it may be hot guests, but also “tea to send customers” bad implication;When pouring wine to the guest can not pour half a glass, otherwise there is contempt for the guest’s wine capacity and unwilling to give the guest drink suspicion.Besides “wine half tea is full the guest is deceiving” outside the etiquette that this treat a guest must want to know, when treat a guest these 5 “taboo” also want to remember prison, such ability appears oneself know etiquette, guest host both sides ability is done xing and return.Although there are fewer and fewer people who smoke now, there are not many people who have the habit of smoking. Therefore, many families will buy several boxes of good cigarettes for the Chinese New Year, which is used to entertain guests.If the guests do not smoke the host’s cigarette, but to the host on his own cigarette, the host had better not smoke this cigarette, because the guests may have smoke not used to the host’s cigarette, or some do not like the host’s cigarette, so the guests respect the cigarette is a bit of a turn away from the host, but also a bit of their own hospitality.It is quite normal for six people to entertain guests for dinner during the Spring Festival. If there are six people sitting at a round table, two on each side and one in front and one in front, it looks like “turtle”.Six people in the round table to eat, can sit at the same time three people, not the whole “turtle seat” appearance, so will be laughed at and laughed at animals.At present, the New Year’s Day is mainly spent by the elderly and children, especially children are the most happy during the New Year, because they can eat well, wear new clothes and get lucky money.Can lead the child to come to visit, that the relationship between the two sides is very unusual, so as the elders in the New Year how much also want to mean, give the child a red envelope to let the child happily.In fact, to give children red envelopes during the Spring Festival is mainly to give adults face, no matter how much red envelopes, but the other party will feel a piece of your mind, which is more than how many times to treat adults to drink wine, and how many gifts to adults, can pull into the feelings of both sides, because love each other’s children is equal to treat each other as family.4. To have welcome sound, send off guests to go out guests can come to the home to pay New Year’s visit and be a guest, which is a very good relationship with close friends, so when to put down the hands of the buddy up to entertain;See them off at the door and watch them leave before closing the door to show your sincerity.When guests come to the house, do not sweep the floor, splashing water and other things, because the Chinese New Year in front of the guests to do these things, obviously did not put the guests in the eyes, sometimes may be unintentional, but the guests will feel that the family is too careless, from now on will be estranged from you.During the Spring Festival, food will be well prepared at home, and many families have a tradition of entertaining guests for dinner during the Spring Festival.However, it is best not to use chopsticks when eating with guests. After all, everyone’s eating habits and living habits are not the same. Sometimes, it will be rejected by the other party if you are kind enough to give food to others.Entertaining guests is inevitable to drink to add to the fun, but it is not advisable to blindly encourage wine, after all, everyone has a different amount of alcohol, if the guests get drunk out of embarrassment, not only to their own trouble, but also let the guests face disgrace later.Chinese New Year is a time when there are many “taboos” and “traditions”. Some old traditions and “taboos” are valuable experience summed up by our predecessors in life. Therefore, we should keep in mind the five “taboos” when treating guests, so that both guests and hosts can enjoy themselves by observing etiquette.