Li Jie in part of the township inspection guidance

2022-06-04 0 By

Yellow River News Changzhi news: February 4, Huguan County Party committee deputy secretary, county magistrate Li Jie led the relevant units in charge of the dongjingling township, Shipo township, Jinzhuang town, Jidian town inspection and guidance of epidemic prevention and control, forest fire prevention and duty work, and warm greetings to the festival stick to the front line staff.Everywhere he went, Li jie got detailed information on the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.He stressed that all levels and departments should further strengthen risk awareness and implement relevant measures in strict accordance with epidemic prevention requirements.We should strictly implement the “three-yard joint inspection”, carry out bayonet inspection in a strict and meticulous manner, strengthen road control and maintain the order of bayonet inspection.We need to further implement various prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement, code scanning, personnel registration, disinfection and elimination, and continue to strengthen screening, quarantine and control measures for people returning to and from medium-high risk areas as well as those from outside China. We need to ensure that all possible inspections, inspections and quarantines are carried out, and the “entry” gate is properly handled.We need to focus on key areas, continue to increase human and material input at key points, and make full use of new technologies and means to protect people’s lives and health.They should pay close attention to the safety and health of those on duty, do their best to provide logistics services, and provide necessary support for front-line epidemic prevention personnel in their work.We should make full use of information tools, strictly implement the on-duty and information reporting systems, pay close attention to risks and hidden dangers and weak links, and give full play to the role of “sentinel points” to ensure the safety and stability of forest fire protection during the festival.(Li Yuxi)